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Ubisoft China says it won’t be able to issue a mug due to a “bug” – it looks like it’s another joke



Ubisoft China says it won't be able to issue a mug due to a "bug" - it looks like it's another joke

According to Daniel Ahmad, Ubisoft China and Sheepedia have previously teamed up to release several joint products, including a mug with the studio’s logo. However, on August 27, the company was informed that it would not go on sale due to a production bug.

Ubisoft China has attached a photo of the mug to the statement, which shows that the handle is not located outside, but inside.

Given how the mugs are made, this explanation is an obvious joke. At the same time, as Ahmad notes, Ubisoft China is often distinguished by this, using the reputation of the company and individual games for self-irony.

At the same time, users now want Ubisoft China and Sheepedia to release just such a mug – with a handle inside.

Ahmal cited as an example another case when Ubisoft China made fun of itself about bugs in games – at the ChinaJoy exhibition in August 2019, you could see a table passing through the wall at its booth.

Now players are wondering why Bethesda isn’t doing the same.

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