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V Rising: Beating Polora the Freywalker Boss



V Rising: Beating Polora the Freywalker Boss

You’d get access to new abilities, blueprints, and recipes by defeating various bosses of the game. You can track their V Blood by using the Blood Altar in your castle. Each boss will give you a different ability by extracting their V Blood and different rewards. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat the Polora the Freywalker and all the rewards you get after defeating her.

V Rising: Beating Polora the Freywalker Boss

How to Beat polora the Freywalker Boss

Polora the Freywalker is a 34-level boss and once you have reached at least 30 gear level, you can track her V Blood and go to fight her. But we will recommend that you would get to level 35 so you can actually deal more damage to her. There are also some abilities that you want to use against her that are following.

  • Veil of Chaos
  • Frost Bat
  • Chaos Valley
  • Hunter’s Crossbow: It will give you the Rain of Bolts ability.

Access the Blood Altar and track her V Blood to get to her location. She mostly can be found in the Gleaming Meadows. The main stat for the boss is that you have to attack her from the far, that’s why we are using the range attack abilities for this boss. Her first ability would be the wolf, she would summon a wolf that will attack you and bounce back to her again and all of her allies. You must dodge the wolf because if the wolf hits you, it would deal you a lot of damage as well as the boss and her allies. Dodge the wolf and try to hit her with the Frost Bat ability.

The second ability that she would do is the swirly boars and they will kind of track your position so move out the way to dodge them, those will also heal her and her allies. So, you just want to stay back and hit her with the bolts and frost bat ability to keep dealing damage to her. The allies of her would be her wolf and the butterflies that she summons now and then. Her butterflies also attack you from far and heal her.

This boss fight will take time as she continuously gets healing by her abilities but you would be able to take down her easily if you are attacking her from the far. Once you have downed her, go near her and extract her V Blood to get 2 new abilities, structures, and a recipe.


The rewards you get from defeating the boss are the following.

  • Spectral Wolf Ability
  • Veil of Illusions Ability
  • Vampire Waygate Structure
  • Garden Floors Structure
  • Minor Garlic Resistance Brew Recipe

The Spectral Wolf ability is the same that she uses but the wolf won’t heal you, it would bounce between enemies and do damage. The Veil of Illusions will is a dash where you leave behind a clone just like most of the dashes but you can teleport back to your original position where you dashed from.

You can put the Vampire Waygate outside your castle and you can use it to teleport around the map but you won’t be able to carry the resources on it says cannot be used for teleport. You can teleport to any vampire waygate you discover on the world map.

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