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V Rising: How to Get Rat Form



V Rising: How to Get Rat Form

In V Rising, there are different forms that you can transform into and each transformation has different benefits. You gain certain buffs according to the transformation and you can slip through enemies undetected or faster. IN this guide, we tell you how can you get the Rat Transformation.

Putrid Rat

You get rat transformation ability by extracting a V Blood of an enemy boss. You can track bosses from the Blood Altar in your base and you can see their exact location and you can get there by following a red blood trail. The Rat Putrid boss takes a different approach to track it, you cannot track the Rat Putrid blood because he did not have the track blood option on the contract, you have to do a certain thing before you’d be able to track it.

Putrid Rat

The first thing that you need to do is build a Vermin Nest structure, you can find this in your structure tab and it costs 360 Stone and 120 Bone. Construct this machine and place it in your castle. Interact with it and you’d see different refinement options and one of them would be the Putrid Rat. If you refine the Putrid Rat, the boss will show and the track blood option would be available.

Putrid Rat

The Putrid Rat would require certain resources.

  • 1 Twilight Snapper
  • 4 Fish Bone
  • 8 Grave Dust

You can find most of these resources in the Forgotten Cemetery and Bandit Camps. You can find these resources in the chests at the Bandit Camps. For the Twilight Snapper, you need to get a Fishing Rod which you can get by crafting at the Workbench then go to the blue areas of the map which are the ponds. Start fishing in the ponds and you’ll eventually find the Twilight Snapper.

Once you have all these resources, put them in the Vermin Nest and it will take 25 seconds to craft the Putrid Rat. Now you can track the V Blood of the Putrid Rat boss.

Rat Transformation

Putrid Rat boss is a level 30 boss and it is not a very challenging boss but it can summon little rats which can be annoying sometimes. Defeat the rat boss and extract his V Blood to get the rat transformation ability. Choose the rat ability to transform into a rat and then you can sneak past the enemies without getting noticed, other players might detect you in the PvP server but it is a very great ability.

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