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V Rising: Upgrading Weapons Abilities



V Rising: Upgrading Weapons Abilities

V rising is a world of vampires and surviving in this can be hard. Players must get access to different weapons so they can fight other players in a combat situation. Game offers different types of weapons to help Players survive. In this guide, we are going to cover those weapons and some of the weapon systems the players should be aware of, and how to upgrade weapons.

How to upgrade Weapons and unlock Abilities

Each weapon is V Rising comes with a basic attack and 2 techniques, but players won’t have access to techniques in the beginning of the game. Players will get access to those techniques when the weapons are of different resources. The first requires the weapons to be made of copper or higher resources. The second is unlocked when the weapon is used with iron or higher resources. All weapons will also have durability stats, these stats will go down when a weapon is used, weapons can be repaired through the required materials.

Players need access to Workbench to craft or upgrade their weapons, Workbench will show what materials are required to repair or upgrade the weapons. V Rising offers 7 weapons in total each weapon has a 3-hit combo except the Crossbows.

The Weapon classes are as follow.


  • Primary Attack: 35%/35%/40% Physical Damage

Whirlwind deals 35% physical damage in a circular AOE around you for 1.1 seconds.

Shockwave deals with 70% damage on hit, launching enemies in the air, using technique 2 again will teleport you to the enemy attacking 3 times for 25% damage with each hit.


  • Primary Attack: 45%/45%/50% damage.

Frenzy dealing 100% damage attack speed increase by 30% for 0.8 seconds afterward.

X-Strike launches 2 axes in an arc each dealing 85% damage, enemies will be incapacitated for 2 seconds. The axes return to the player letting them get additional hits.


  • Primary Attack: 50%/50%/60% damage.

Crushing Blow performs a small jump before slamming down an AEO dealing 110% damage and snaring enemies for 2 seconds.

Smack cone AEO dealing 50% damage knocking the enemy for 1.2 seconds.


  • Primary Attack: 40%/40%/50% damage.

A Thousand Spears stabs 8 times for 30% damage each. This can be ended earlier by using the technique again by an attack dealing 50% damage and knocks the enemy back.

Harpoon throws a spear forward dealing 70% damage, and pulls the enemy towards the character.


  • Primary Attack: 50%/50%/55% damage.

Tandon Swing deals 125% damage in a small AOE, knocking the enemy back and snaring them for 2 seconds.

Howling Reaper launches an AOE on the target’s location dealing 20% damage every 0.25 seconds for 2.5 seconds.


  • Primary Attack: 27.5%/27.5%/35% damage.

Elusive Strike moves the character forward to the enemy and gets back deals a 60% damage. Enemy down for 2 seconds.

Camouflage turns the character invisible and increases movement speed for 3 seconds. The primary attack in this stage causes 80% damage and knocks the enemy down for 3 seconds.


  • Primary Attack: 115% damage per hit.

Rain of Bolts fires 5 bolts dealing 40% damage each in an AOE knocking the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

Snapshots fire bolts that cause 75% damage, and snares for 2 seconds.

Players can also fight unarmed but this will do very little damage and is only useful when fighting low-level enemies.

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