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V Rising: Castle System Explained



V Rising: Castle System Explained

V Rising allows players to build their own castle, these castles functions as their base. A castle allows players to hide from sunlight, and stay protected from other players. Players can store their possessions and resources in the castle, and use them to craft and unlock new resources and abilities.

In this guide, we will be covering an in-depth view of V Rising’s Castle Building system to get a better understanding of the Base building.

Castle Building System

To build a castle, players need a Castle Heart. This is essential in building a castle, a third-tier Castle heart allows players to claim 150 spaces, so players can build a large castle for themselves. The Castle heart will also function as the protection system for the players as a properly fed Castle heart will make it challenging for other players to break into your castle. When using castle heart for the first time it will analyze if the land you are trying to use for your castle is suitable or not. Your first phase of building a castle will require some exploration of the land. Collect as must resources as you can so that when you find the ideal spot for your Castle you can start building right away. Once players start building their Castles, they will find a lot of options and customizations that they can do on their base these include fundamentals, outdoors, Castle, production, storage of resources and gear, lighting, and decorations.

While building a castle players will get to know that they can be pretty creative in terms of how they want to build their base, how they want it to look, and how protected they are from other players. Players can also make prisons for humans, and graveyards to name a few. Players can invite their teammates to their castles to show them their creativity. Where you build your castle will affect your experience as a player, shouldn’t build your base near crowded areas like main roads or next to someone else’s castle on PvP Servers this will make you vulnerable to attacks, do some scouting and find the best place of your choice and start building, as long as the Castle Heart is well fed, enemies will have a hard time breaking into your castle. However, take this into consideration that other players are also vampires just like you so if they are planning a coordinated attack on you and are willing to spend enough resources, it will cause the fall of your castle.

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