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V Rising: Character Customization Guide



V Rising: Character Customization Guide

V Rising is an open-world top-down camera survival game that is featuring vampires battling for their survival and to rule. Players can hunt for blood, and build their own castles, forts, and resource farming machines to establish their territory in the land of Vardoran. In this, we will be covering the in-depth character customization options in V Rising.

Character Customization

The game features a lot of options for the players in terms of Character Creation and Customization from gender selection to skin tones, hairstyles, hair colors, face shapes, and more.

Character Customization

In the Character Customization section players will choose what gender the players want their character to be Male or Female. Players can do that by selecting each of the two icons on the top left of the screen that says Body Type after selecting the gender, below that players will be looking at a color pallet that says Skin tone, here players can choose from a wide variety of colors and shades from the extremely bright tone of color to extremely dark color tone.
The different options to customize your character are as following:

  • After selecting the skin tone, players can find the option to choose their character’s face type, they can choose from 13 different options to choose from.
  • After face type players will see a color pallet bar that says Eye Color, Players will have the option to choose their character’s eye colors from the options offered by the game, they consist of pretty dull to extremely glowing eyes.
  • After the eye colors, players will see the option to choose the hairstyles from 27 different options, these options just like the others are the same for both male and female characters. After the style of hair, players can choose their hair colors and again, they have a wide variety of colors to choose from, all colors with shades from dark to bright.
  • Now we have the option of Features, this option will allow players to choose from 5 different types of beards, and yes, this game allows players to choose a beard for their female characters as well.
  • Players can also choose different accessories for their characters. The game offers 8 different accessories to choose from, these are earrings, glasses, etc.
Character Customization

Once players have made their characters at the beginning of the game, that doesn’t mean that they can’t customize their characters anymore, once players make a Castle they can add a Gothic Mirror to their castle, players can walk up to the mirror and customize their character anytime they want. The gear that a character is carrying also changes the appearance of a character for example a helmet or armor.

Character Customization

The gear matters in combat when fighting with Bosses and other players but they also have an appearance that is reflected on the character.

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