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V Rising: Best Complete Reaper Build



V Rising: Best Complete Reaper Build

In V Rising, there are different melee weapons that players get by playing through the game. All the weapons have different variants and all of them have different gear levels. The high gear level weapons offer more buff to the player’s stats. Each weapon has two abilities with it and they are different from other types of weapons. In this guide, we tell you the Reaper Build for PvE and all the abilities that you need to equip.

Reaper Build

The build we are going for is the mid-game and you can also use this build in the end-game areas as well because it is for PvE and you can take down mobs pretty easily. The Reaper that we are going to use is the General Soul’s Reaper. This weapon is crafted by a recipe that is dropped by the Undead Commander mob.

Reaper Build

This weapon has a gear level of 18 and it has great buffs on the character stats as well. It gives +18.5% Physical Power, +25% Physical Damage to Undead mobs, +6% Spell Power, and +5% Spell Critical Strike Chance. This weapon is most powerful against the Undead enemies which you face mostly in the mid-game to end-game.

Gear Set

The Gear Set that you want to use with this build is the Dawnthorn as it would be the most useful gear set in the mid-game and then you can change your gear set as you progress further in the game. This gear only provides Health increment and you do want to wear the complete set to gain all the health increment.

Gear Set

You also want to wear the Corrupted Artifact. It increases the spell power by 22.9% and the Gear Level of this item is 21. You can also change the artifact item with another powerful item when finding one.

Weapon Abilities

The abilities of the reaper are the following.

  • Tendon Swing: This attack is an AoE attack around you, the player will swing the Reaper in a circle and all the enemies near you will knock back with 125% Physical damage and also with 2 seconds of Fading Snare. It takes 0.2 seconds to cast and the cooldown of this attack is 8 seconds.
  • Howling Reaper: This attack is for the long-range attack, the player will throw the reaper and the reaper will swing at the thrown location. This will deal 20% physical damage every 0.25 seconds for 2.5 seconds and the initial projectile will also slow down the enemies for 1.5 seconds. It takes 0.5 seconds to cast and the cooldown of this attack is 8 seconds.

Travel Ability

The travel ability that we use in this build is the following.

  • Veil of Chaos: For mobility, you want to use the Veil of Chaos so you can dash away from the enemies and also leave an illusion behind which explodes. The explosion deals 50% magic damage to nearby enemies and your next hit after dashing will deal 25% bonus damage. You can also dash two times instead of only one and every time you dash, you leave your illusion behind and that is why it is very useful in fights. The cooldown of this ability is 8 seconds.

Power Abilities

The power abilities that you want to equip for this build are the following.

  • Purgatory: This ability will call down a pillar of energy and it slows down the enemies for 1 second in the area of the energy and it heals your allies for 40% of your spell power. After 1.2 seconds the energy circle will erupt in a burst and it will deal 75% magic damage to the enemies in it and it heals allies for 75% of your spell power. It takes 0.5 seconds to cast and the cooldown of this attack is 12 seconds.
  • Chaos Valley: This ability is for the long-range attack on the mobs. It launches 2 Chaos Bolts in a sequence that deals 125% magic damage to enemies and also inflicts a Chaos Burn effect on them. It takes 0.6 seconds to cast and the cooldown of this ability is 7 seconds.
  • Arctic Leap: For the ultimate ability, you want to use the Arctic Leap. The Arctic Leap lets you leap into the air and strike down at the target location, dealing 225% magic damage. A Nova of Frost will also be created and the enemies who get hit by it will freeze for 6 seconds and the enemy vampires will freeze for 3 seconds. This ultimate has a cooldown of 150 seconds.

Blood Type

You can go with two blood types in this build, you can choose Rogue Blood Type which will increase the Physical damage and the Attack Power or you can go with the Brute Blood Type which will increase the attack speed along with healing you and your allies. The Brute will be more on the safer side as you continue getting healed with your primary attack as well as the power attacks and your allies will also get healed.

But if you want to increase your attack power and damage then you can use the Rogue blood type and it also works great with this build, you can slow the enemies and then hit them with your AoE attack as well as the Chaos Valley which will deal burning damage to them.

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