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V Rising: How to Build Mist Brazier and its use



V Rising: How to Build Mist Brazier and its use

Surviving is the key feature in the V Rising. You have to collect resources and materials to make yourself a home to survive which is called a Castle and you will become the Lord of the Castle. The process is not that straight as the player is a Vampire and the Sunlight is the biggest enemy of a Vampire.

When you’re first starting building your castle at the very beginning of the game which is a requirement in order to get yourself safe from Sunlight and different Monsters, Enemies, or Other Players in PvP. You also want to keep your resources safe and need a home in order to survive in V Rising.

In this guide, we will be covering the technique which you can use at the beginning of the game to keep yourself safe from sunlight when you don’t have the materials to make a roof for the castle. You cannot make the roof directly, you will require to build the floors, walls, and pillars, and then you can finally make your castle roof.

Crafting and Building roof require Planks and Stone Bricks. You can go to the Castle tab and Reinforce Walls and Castle Flooring and you can select and craft a roof from there. At the very beginning of the game, it will be hard to make planks and Stone Bricks. You can use a very intelligent item that V Rising introduced in the early game it’s called Mist Brazier. In this guide, we will tell you to have you can Build a Mist Brazier to keep yourself safe from the Sunlight.

How to Build Mist Brazier

You can find Mist Brazier in the Fundamentals tab of the building option. The game doesn’t give a tutorial on how to use the Mist Brazier. So, most people have no idea what is it for but it is a very important item to keep yourself safe from the Sunlight when you don’t have any roof.
Mist Brazier will require 120 Stones in order to craft. You can get stones early game by breaking the rocks. You can go on a stone farm and can collect as many stones as are required to build the Mist Brazier. Now, you know how to craft the Mist Brazier. After, it has been crafted and put in your castle to use it. Mist Brazier looks like a campfire but instead of woods in it, it has bones in it.

How to Build Mist Brazier

When there is Sunlight in the Morning you have to go to the Mist Brazier and you will need Bones. Bones are used as the Fuel for Mist Brazier. You can turn the Mist Brazier off when the Night-time comes as Mist Brazier uses one bone a minute and by turning off the Mist Brazier at Nighttime you can save your resources. Mist Brazier also, has a radius which it covers with the shadow. If you have a very big castle you will need more than one Mist Brazier in order to fully cover the castle with shadow in the Sunlight.

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