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V Rising: Best Mace Build



V Rising: Best Mace Build

In V Rising, there are different melee weapons that players get by playing through the game. All the weapons have different variants and all of them have different gear levels. The high gear level weapons offer more buff to the player’s stats. Each weapon has two abilities with it and they are different from other types of weapons. In this guide, we tell you the Best Build for Mace Weapon and all the abilities to run along with it.

Best Mace Build

Mace is the slowest weapon in the game but it does massive damage to the enemies with the hit. This weapon is best against the slow enemies but the build that we will show you will take down all types of enemies.

The variant that we will be going to use is the Sanguine Mace, It gives +27.9% Physical Power and +25% Physical Damage to Minerals.

Best Mace Build

You can also use a Reaper or the Axes as a secondary weapon along with this weapon. They both work great with this mace. The Reaper weapon will give benefits in taking down Undead enemies.

Weapon Abilities

The weapon abilities of the Sanguine Mace are the following:

  • Basic Attack: The Basic attack of the Sanguine Mace is three times swing attack. It does a lot of damage to the enemies and after the third swing of the attack, there’ll be a reset.
  • Crushing Blow: This attack will slam the Mace into the ground in the direction of your cursor dealing 110% Physical Damage and inflicting a 2 seconds Fading Snare. It takes 0.7 seconds to cast and the cooldown of this attack is 8 seconds. You can also change the direction when you vault in the air and your character will slam the mace in the changed direction.
  • Smack: This attack will smack enemies in the front dealing 50% Physical Damage. The enemies who got hit by this ability will fly back and get incapacitated for 1.2 seconds. It takes 0.35 seconds to cast and the cooldown of this attack is 9 seconds. This is a very decent ability, you can land follow-up attacks when the enemies are incapacitated

Power Abilities

The abilities that you want to run with the Mace build are the following:

Power Abilities
  • Veil of Frost: The Veil of Frost is the Travel/Dash ability which is great for this build because you kind of want to go aggressive with the Smack and then hit the enemies with the Crushing Blow. This will deal a lot of damage to the enemies and then you can use this dash ability to get away from them. This ability will elude nearby enemies for 2.2 seconds and you’ll get the shield yourself for 125% of your spell power. The next primary attack that you do will do 25% bonus damage to enemies and it creates a nova of frost that deals 50% magic power. The nearby enemies f the frost will get chills from it. You can do a lot of plays with the dash ability.
  • Purgatory: The Purgatory is your mandatory ability that will you use more often on the enemies to slow them down and aggress them with your mace abilities. This ability will call down a pillar of energy and it slows down the enemies for 1 second in the area of the energy and it heals your allies for 40% of your spell power. After 1.2 seconds the energy circle will erupt in a burst and it will deal 75% magic damage to the enemies in it and it heals allies for 75% of your spell power. It takes 0.5 seconds to cast and the cooldown of this attack is 12 seconds.
  • Chaos Valley: Chaos Valley is the best DPS ability in the game and you do want to use it in this build because you can do just raw damage on the enemies with this ability along with the burning damage over time. This ability is for the range attacks as we don’t have any other range attack in this build but Chaos Valley will fill that gap up. It launches 2 Chaos Bolts in a sequence that deals 125% magic damage to enemies and also inflicts a Chaos Burn effect on them. It takes 0.6 seconds to cast and the cooldown of this ability is 7 seconds.
  • Arctic Leap: For the ultimate ability, you want to use the Arctic Leap because with this build you’re going to keep snaring, incapacitating, and slowing down enemies but adding the frost element as well in this build will make fights easier for you in PvP as well as the PvE servers. The Arctic Leap lets you leap into the air and strike down at the target location, dealing 225% magic damage. A Nova of Frost will also be created and the enemies who get hit by it will freeze for 6 seconds and the enemy vampires will freeze for 3 seconds. This ultimate has a cooldown of 150 seconds.

Blood Type

The blood type that you want to have with this build is the Scholar’s Blood which will let you use more of the abilities.

Blood Type

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