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V Rising: How to defeat Beatrice the Tailor Boss



V Rising: How to defeat Beatrice the Tailor Boss

You’d get to fight a lot of different enemies and bosses while progressing through the game. The bosses in this game will give you abilities, recipes, structures, etc. As you level up the bosses will become harder and they’ll also drop a high tier ability. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Beatrice the Tailor boss.

V Rising: How to defeat Beatrice the Tailor Boss

How to Defeat Beatrice the Tailor

Beatrice the Tailor is a 38-level boss located in one of the many villages in the Dunley Farmlands region. You can track her blood using the Blood Altar to get to her exact location. This boss fight is totally different than any other boss fight in the game. In this fight, when Beatrice sees you, she’ll scream and ask for help then she will run. You have to kill her while she is running. In order to take her HP down more quickly while moving, you want to use one of the melee Iron weapons. You need to use the Chaos Valley ability so you can deal burning damage to her over time while she is running and hitting her with your melee weapon. These two things will be the key items and you also want to have dash ability so you can go near her quickly and deal damage.

There are no attacks of this boss but the scream that she does will attract Militia Soldiers onto you and you have to fight them and chase her down while damaging her. But your main focus should be her because the militia soldiers will keep coming so you just want to stick close to Beatrice and keep damaging her with the melee weapon and the Chaos Valley.

The Soldiers will also follow you but they won’t be able to keep up with you if you use the dash ability to get close to Beatrice. Make sure to deal as much damage as you can and don’t let her run through another village because that’ll attract more soldiers to you. Once you get her downed, feed on her blood to get a new ability.


When you extract the V Blood of this boss, you’ll get Human Form ability. You’ll also get the Loom and Assortment of Curtains Structures. You’ll unlock Hunter’s Cloak, Cloth, and Cotton Yarn Recipes.

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