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V Rising: Defeat Quincey The Bandit King



V Rising: Defeat Quincey The Bandit King

In V Rising, there are different bosses that you have to take down in order to get new abilities, structures, and recipes. You have to defeat the enemies in order to progress the game. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Quincey the Bandit King.

V Rising: Defeat Quincey The Bandit King

How to Defeat Quincey the Bandit King

To defeat Quincey the Bandit King, you need to craft an item first. You cannot get to this boss without that item. You need to craft the Minor Explosive Box at the Alchemy Table. You get this material recipe by defeating Clive the Firestarter boss. He is a level 30 boss and you should be able to defeat him after reaching 28 gear level.

Now once you have defeated him, craft the Minor Explosives Box, it will cost 6 Sulphur, 6 Plank, and 3 Whetstone. You can break different structures with these explosives and most importantly walls and that is the main reason we have crafted this item. Because we are going to need to break into the place of the Quincey the Bandit king.

Quincey is a level 37 boss so you should get your gear level up before fighting him because it would be pretty hard if you fight him at the low level because from this boss you will get your first ultimate power of the game. Get your level at least to 35 so you’d be able to deal enough damage to him and take him down. Once you are ready, access the Blood Altar and Track V Blood of this boss, it will take you to the Bandit Stronghold location in the Farbane Woods region.

Once you reach there, you need to breach the main wall of the stronghold and in order to do that, you need to place the explosive box in the range of the wall and hit it with one of your weapons and it will blow up in few seconds. This will take down the wall and now you can go up to the top by the stairs to the Quincey the Bandit king boss fight location.

The boss has two minions with him which are easy to deal with so take them out first with your AoE attack and then focus on the main boss. The first attack of the Quincey would be the Earthquake Slam which creates kind of cracks in the ground and after a few seconds, they will explode. This deals a great amount of damage so make sure to get out of the cracked ground and hit him with the AoE attack or the long-range attack if he is far from you.

V Rising: Defeat Quincey The Bandit King

The second attack of his would be a charge where he runs towards you in a straight line very quickly. It also deals a great amount of damage and it can one-shot kill you if you are low on health. But there’ll be a few seconds gap until he reaches you so you can dodge out the way easily and run back at him to land a couple of shots at the back.

The third attack of Quincey that he does is create a Shield in front of him which blocks all your attacks and if you throw a projectile at him the shield will throw it back at you so, don’t attack the projectiles if he is behind his shield. It is particularly bad for you if you are in close range because you won’t get the chance to dodge it. The last attack of him is the Enraged skill where he yells and glows red then he would charge three times toward you and you have to dodge all three and you can’t attack him from behind while he is in this ability. Because you will get taken down if you get hit by a couple of those hits. Just dodge this whole ability and then attack him with the long-range attack or get close to him to hit the combo attack.

That is going to be all of his attacks and you just have to time them right to land your shots at him to deal damage to him.


After defeating this boss and extracting his V Blood, you’ll get the following rewards.

  • Chaos Barrier Ability
  • Merciless Charge Ability
  • Smithy Structure
  • Tailoring bench Structure
  • Iron Ingot Recipe
  • Iron Weapons Recipe
  • Hollowfang Battlegear Recipe

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