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V Rising: Upgrade Castle



V Rising: Upgrade Castle

V Rising is just like any other survival game and in every survival game, there is a home base where you put all your stash and upgrade different aspects of the character or the base itself. In V Rising it is no different, you get to place a castle that acts as your base and you have to construct defenses that will keep you out of harm from the enemies. In This guide, we tell you how to upgrade your Castle.

Upgrading Castle

When you start the game and play through the tutorial quests of the game, you’re going to come across a quest that will tell you to build your own base. To build a base you need to look for a location on the map that you like and press the B button to bring up a menu and you’ll see Castle Heart in the Fundamentals Portion of the menu.

You just need to place it on the ground and that will be the location of your base. The starting level of your Castle will be 1 and you can upgrade it by getting the required resources. But before upgrading it you can build wooden walls and an entrance door to your castle so that it would like a base.

Level 1 of the Castle only allows wooden platforms and you will not have any floors which you’ll unlock later in the game. After putting enough walls, you need to gather the resources required to level up your Castle. You’ll be needing 12 Copper Ingot and 12 Leather. You can find the Copper Ingot at the Bandit Copper Mine area. To get the leather you need to get to unlock the Tannery Structure and then put 16 Animal Hides into the machine to craft 1 Leather. After you’ve collected all the required resources, access the Castle’s Heart and upgrade your Castle level to 2.

Upgrading Castle

It will unlock stone walls and doors for your castle increasing the defense of the Castle. The wooden floors will be broken down easily if you are in a PvP server but in order to break down the stone wall, it would not be easy for the players.

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