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V Rising: Frost Build



V Rising: Frost Build

V Rising offers a lot of abilities and weapons that players can use to dominate in the PvE or PvP servers. Players can make their own preferable builds with the weapon and abilities. There are various types of weapons as well as abilities in V Rising. Today, we have made a Frost Build that will give frost damage to the enemies with the frost advantages. In this guide, we’ll go through the weapons, Gear Set, jewelry, abilities, and Blood type that you want to use to make the Frost Build.


The weapons with the Frost build that we are going to use are the Sword and the Axes. Because these two weapons have a high rate of melee attacking and we need weapons that can do a lot of melee attacks because we want to hit the enemies that have taken the frost damage from the frost abilities.

For the Variants of both of these weapons, you want to use the Sanguine Sword & Sanguine Axes. The Sanguine is the top-tier variant in all the weapons and they give more buffs in dealing damage to enemies. Sanguine Sword & Axes are both 24 gear-level weapons.


Sword Skills

  • Whirlwind: The Character spin around and hits nearby enemies dealing 35% physical damage every 0.25s for 1.1s. It has a cooldown of 8 seconds.
  • Shockwave: It sends forth a shockwave dealing 70% physical damage and launching the enemy hit into the air for 1.6s. Recast the ability to teleport to the target striking it three times, each strike dealing 25% physical damage. It has a cooldown of 8 seconds.

Axes Skills

  • Frenzy: This ability will add more mobility and you dash forward while hitting. The first enemy will get hit with 100% physical damage. The movement speed will increase by 25%.
  • X-Strike: These are the blades that you throw towards the enemies and it boomerangs back to you. It’s each hot with the blade will deal 85% physical damage.

Gear Set

The gear set that we are using for this build is the Bloodmoon gear. It is one of the end-game gear that gives specific buffs to players’ stats. The gear will give a 6% increase in movement speed, a 6% increase in attack speed, and it also increases the Gear Level by 1.

Gear Set


The Jewel you want to wear is the Nightmare of the Beast which further increases the stats of the player and it is perfect for this build because we get higher chances of critical hits. It increases +27.9% Spell Power, +15% Physical Critical Strike Chance, +20% Physical Critical Strike Damage, and +10% Physical Resistance.


Travel Ability

The travel ability we want to use for the Frost build is the following.

  • Veil of Frost: By using this ability, the player will dash towards the input direction and eludes nearby enemies for 2.2 seconds, and shields self for 125% of your spell power. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage and conjures a nova of frost dealing 50% magic damage and inflicting chill on nearby enemies.

Basic Abilities

The 2 Basic Abilities that we want to equip for the Frost Build are the following.

  • Frost Bat: It launches a projectile that explodes upon impact, dealing 100% magic damage and inflicting chill on surrounding enemies. Hitting a chilled enemy freezes it for 4 seconds.
  • Frost Barrier: It increases the movement speed by 10% and blocks melee and projectile attacks in front of you for 2 seconds. Spawn up to 8 waves of frost dealing 50% magic damage and inflicting chill when the barrier is struck.

Ultimate Ability

The Ultimate Ability that you want to equip for the Frost Build is the following.

  • Arctic Leap: It leaps into the air and strikes down at the target location, dealing 225% magic damage. A nova of Frost erupts from the impact location, freezing any enemy hit for up to 6 seconds, enemy vampires are frozen for 3 seconds.

Blood Type

The Blood Type that you want to use for the Frost Build is the Warrior Blood Type because of the Parry ability you get by having that blood type which is perfect for this aggressive build. All the other buffs you get from the Warrior’s Blood are also good with this build.

Blood Type

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