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V Rising: How to Build Multiple Floors in Your Castle



V Rising: How to Build Multiple Floors in Your Castle

If you have been playing V Rising from Early Access then you would have the idea of building only a single-floor castle in the PvE/PvP servers. Adjusting all of the workstations and farming places in a single-floor castle can be very hectic because you would have to increase the boundary of the castle as you make progress in the game to add more structures to the castle. Finally, this issue can be fixed now in the latest major update of the game and you will be allowed to build up to 3 Floors in your Castle in PvE Servers and 6 Floors in PvP Servers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build multiple floors in your castle in V Rising.

How to Build Multiple Floors in Your Castle in V Rising

Building a Castle with Multiple Floors is possible now in the V Rising and it is quite very easy. When you have finalized the location of your castle where you want to build it, you need to build the first structure of the castle just like in the Early Access. Once you have done with the first floor, you need the most obvious structure named “Stairs”. Now, stairs were useless in the Early Access but now they are mainly used to make multiple floors in your castle.

Once you have the stairs, you need to go to any corner where you want to place your stairs to go up to the second floor of your castle. Place the stairs and when you go up, you only need to place the Floors in front of the stairs to make the second floor. It is that simple. Just place the floors in the same area of your castle and your second floor is ready.

You can build the third floor in the same very way, just place the stair and go up the stairs and place the floors to make the third floor in your castle. However, the big you make your castle, the big of castle walls should be. Meaning, when you place the stairs, you also need to place the walls on the side to increase the walls of the castle so the sunlight doesn’t come in from the gap. Just place the castle walls on the side of the stairs to fill the gap and you are good to wander in your castle without getting burned by the sunlight.

You can make up to 3 floors in the PvE Servers and if you are playing in PvP servers then you can build up to 6 floors in your castle depending upon the settings of the server.

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