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V Rising: How to Buy Highland Lotus Seeds



V Rising: How to Buy Highland Lotus Seeds

We have covered how can you find Highland Lotus in the world of V Rising but V Rising is such a massive detailed game it doesn’t limit you to only finding and harvesting the rare Highland Lotus flowers. There are different ways you get a certain resource in V Rising.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can buy Highland Lotus seeds and you can use the seeds in your castle garden and grow yourself Highland Lotus at your castle. Also, this approach is more feasible than going around the map to find Highland Lotus flowers. Growing them, you will have a supply at your home which you can harvest easily without any consequences.

How to buy Highland Lotus Seeds

Highland Lotus Seeds are an expensive item as it’s a seed for a very rare item that is used to make high-tier Armor. One Highland Lotus Seed will cost 200 silvers. If you’ve been dropping silver due to its adverse effect. You will need a lot of silver in order to buy the Highland Lotus Seed from the trader in Birghthaven slums which is in the Silverlight Hills. You can find silver easily by exploring by killing enemies or from other player’s body. Also, most of the players in the servers have been dropping silvers, and if you’re lucky enough you can find yourself just by exploring the world of V Rising.

So, the very first task is got to get as much silver as you can but it will put a debuff on you for carrying silver as you’re a Vampire. 200 silvers will get you a debuff of almost 31. In order to negate the effect of the debuff, you will need to make, and buy resistance potions. You can use these potions and they will give you a 50-silver resistance which means you can carry more silver negating the debuff affect.

One important thing is whenever you’re accessing a trader, you will require the Human form. you can check out our v rising transformation forms guide for all forms. You can get the human form by defeating Beatrice the Tailor, you will face her in the very early game. She’s in the Dunley Farmlands. She will be running across the whole town and you have to chase her and kill her and you will obtain the V Blood ability to transform into a human. Some mobs and soldiers will even detect your human transformation. So, you’ll have to be very careful and go sneak past them.

Ottar The Merchant

Now, that we’ve got all the things required to buy the Highland Lotus Seeds. We’ve gotten are ourselves silver and the Human form. Now, the last stop is to get to the shop where you can trade with the merchant named Ottar.

Ottar the merchant is located in the Brighthaven Slums. You have to go through the main gate and you will take a left turn and there is a platform in front of you like a stage and besides, it has an iron cage. Now go past it to the left and just where the road is turning right, there is a shop, you need to go in the shop and it’s the shop for Ottar the Merchant. Now, you can access his shop to trade and you can find there are a lot of cool rare resources you can shop from him.

Ottar The Merchant

You’ve to select Highland Lotus Seeds and you will get a seed for 200 silvers. Now, buy as much as you can and get back to your castle to plant them in your garden. They will eventually grow and you have a reasonable supply of Highland Lotus inside your castle. You can harvest them in your castle using your sword. After you’ve got a bunch of Highland Lotus as a resource, you can use the Loom machine and you need silkworms and fabric to craft Silk. Silk is one of the most important resources to make end-game and high-tier armors.

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