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V Rising: Rare resource Highland Lotus Location



V Rising: Rare resource Highland Lotus Location

Vardoran is filled with monsters, magical power bosses, and different materials to help you in progressing and upgrading your items. The number of materials, bosses, and upgrades in V Rising is insane with of course the factor of surviving with these different items and making your castle as powerful as you can.

V Rising: Rare resource Highland Lotus Location

Highland Lotus is a very useful plant that can help you in making an end-game item called Silk. Silk can be used to make a variety of items afterward and is a rarer resource. Highland Lotus is also a very rare resource and you have to find it and then harvest it in order to get it.
In this guide we are going to tell you the location where you can find Highland Lotus and how it looks so, you can easily harvest it for yourself and use it further to make Silk.



You have to go Silverlight Hills region and then you have to go to the area called Harpy Nest and in important Loot, it will show you Highland Lotus with a few other important loot items. You have to search for the Highland Lotus in Harpy Nest and you will definitely find Highland Lotus and can easily harvest it from there. If you’re confused you can follow the exact marked location as shown on the map to get to the Highland Lotus plant and can harvest from there.

Highland Lotus

Highland Lotus is a neon Green colored flowered plant you have to harvest by using your sword or axe and you will receive the Plant fiber and also the Highland Lotus flowers. In Harpy Nest, you will find Highland Lotus mostly besides rocks and cliffs. Also, there won’t be a lot of Highland Lotus plants together. There will be one each in most of the cases as it is a rare resource plant.

You have to visit Harpy nest or you can also find them in the north of the Silverlight Hills region. You can also directly go to the Highland Lotus plant location as shown on the map in order to harvest. You can do cycles to harvest more and more as it is a pretty useful resource in the end-game and you need it to craft Silk.

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