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V Rising: How to Defeat Foulrot the Soultaker



How to Defeat Foulrot the Soultaker

In V Rising, there are different bosses that you have to take down in order to get new abilities, structures, and recipes. You have to defeat the enemies in order to progress the game. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Foulrot the Soultaker.

V Rising: How to Defeat Foulrot the Soultaker

How to Defeat Foulrot the Soultaker

Foulrot the Soultaker is a level 62 boss located in the Southeast in the Cursed Forest region of the map. You need to defeat this boss from a range for which you need to use the Dark silver or Sanguine Crossbow that can cause huge damage and its ability to shoot multiple arrows will take care of minions that he spawns in the fight. You’ll also need to get the Chaos Valley ability that will deal the burning damage overtime on him.

The first attack that he has is he hit the two strikes in front and he does this attack if you are close to him and that is one of the reasons you have to fight him from the range. The strikes do great damage. He also has a Counter Attack in which he turns white and if you hit him in this state, he will teleport near you and hit you. He also teleports after this state so make sure to dash away when he spawns near you.

He’ll spawns minions in this fight also to assist him, you can take them down using the Crossbow ability that shoots multiple arrows. Just hit the boss with the Chaos Valley whenever you get the chance to damage him over time.

That is all of his attacks but they are deadly for sure you don’t want to get hit by the strikes when he teleports near you, immediately dash away when he spawns. Just hit him with the crossbow and the Chaos Valley ability and you’ll defeat him in no time.


After you’ve defeated him, extract his V Blood to get the Mist Trance Power. You’ll also get the Recipes of Phantom’s Veil, Spectral Dust, and Banshee.

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