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V Rising: How to Create a Workshop



V Rising: How to Create a Workshop

V Rising is a survival game in which players need to set up their base and gather resources to survive in the dark world of Vardoran. There are many structures in the game that will let you craft different items with the resources you gather from the world. Players can also make a workshop in their Castles which will be more beneficial for players to craft items. In this guide, we tell you how to create a Workshop in your castle to get benefits in crafting.


The workshop is a separate room in your Castle which will let you craft items more quickly and also consumes 25% of fewer resources. The Workshop can contain 3 structures in it which will give the benefits.

  • Woodworking Bench
  • Sawmill
  • Grinder
V Rising: How to Create a Workshop

If these structures are in your Workshop room then all these structures will take fewer resources to craft the items and also increase the speed of crafting. To make the workshop, you need to unlock the Workshop Floors first, you will get it recipe from Grayson the Armourer boss.

Get Recipe for Workshop Floor

To get the recipe for Workshop Floor, you’ll need to defeat Grayson the Armourer. He is a level-27 boss located in the Bandit Armory area in the Farbane Woods region. You can locate his exact location by using the Blood Altar and tracking his blood.

Get Recipe for Workshop Floor

After defeating the boss, you’ll get Five-Finger Workboards and Long Boards recipes which both are the Workshop floors. After defeating the boss, return to your Castle and choose a place inside your Castle where you want to make a Workshop. Use the workshop floors on the base and then put your machines in the room. Now that separate room will be your Workshop where you can craft different items by consuming fewer resources and more quickly.

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