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V Rising: How to Remove Garlic Debuff



V Rising: Frost Build

V Rising with the vampire open-world survival has a lot of things that it proves to be challenging for your vampire Lord. As we all know how vampires feel weak towards a lot of things. So, this is the case in V Rising as the same weak spots are there in the world of V Rising as well. You have to be careful around certain areas and watch out for sunlight in the morning.

In this guide, we are going to cover the famous vampire weakness Garlic. In the world of V Rising after, you’ve made your way through the Farbane Woods the starting region of the game. You can go to explore either way and make your castle where ever you feel it. There is a region called Dunley Farmlands. There are a lot of farms and houses in this region. They are protecting the farms and themselves from vampires by using garlic on their properties. All the players playing the first time and going through the region will get confused when they get the Garlic Exposure. You can check on the top of the House gates and farm gates and you will find Garlic hanging there.

How to Remove Garlic Debuff

Garlic Exposure doesn’t stay at a point but it will increase in points, the max point being 100. As long as you stay Exposed to the Garlic the Garlic Exposure points start to increase and it can get to a 100 max. The Garlic Exposure debuff will increase the damage taken by 1 % with each point. Also, the damage given will be reduced by 0.5% by each point. If you get 100 points of Garlic Exposure you will take 100% damage and you will deal 50 % damage to enemies.

You can remove Garlic Exposure by getting away from the area where there was garlic or going back to your base. You will have to wait out for the points to reduce by passing time. One resistance point will take about 20 seconds to remove the effect. You can use different items to get yourself some resistance from the Garlic. Such as you can use Hunter’s Clock which you will get by defeating Beatrice the Tailor. Garlic Resistance Potion and using Bear form will also give you resistance against Garlic. Bear form can drop the Garlic Exposure Points with a great percentage.

The one thing should be careful about when exposed to Garlic is that the greater is the points of exposure, you will also have a scent of Garlic on you, and enemies can spot you from far distances. So, the best thing is to get back to your castle fast as you can. Also, don’t try to get into any Boss fight with Garlic Exposure.

How to get Garlic Resistance

How to get Garlic Resistance

The Character menu/Inventory menu shows you inventory, your character’s armor equipped and it also shows you Resistances. There are different types of Resistances like Sun, Garlic, Fire, Holy, and Silver. You can use different types of armor and potions which will increase your Resistance against a certain item. Increasing resistance against Garlic, if you’ve 15 Garlic resistance it will reduce the points of exposure by more than half a percentage. You will also be recovering 50 % faster from the Garlic Exposure and the max points of exposure will come down from 100 to 89. The maximum resistance will last about 20 minutes. You can equip gear that will give you resistance against Garlic for better and long-term resistance.

Here are the potions, you can use to increase Resistance against Garlic.

  • Minor Garlic Resistance Brew
    • Minor Garlic Resistance Brew will increase the Resistance by 25 for 20 minutes. You can get Minor Garlic Resistance Brew as a reward from Polora the Freywalker. You can craft it as well.
  • Garlic Resistance Potion
    • Garlic Resistance Potion will increase the Garlic Resistance by 50 for 20 minutes. You can unlock this as a recipe as you will progress in the game or you can collect 75 scrolls to unlock the recipe. You can also get this as a reward for defeating Clive the Firestarter.

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