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V rising: The Winged Horror Boss guide



V rising: The Winged Horror Boss guide

In V Rising, there are different bosses that you have to take down in order to get new abilities, structures, and recipes. You have to defeat the enemies in order to progress the game. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat The Winged Horror.

V rising: The Winged Horror Boss guide

How to Beat the Winged Horror

The Winged Horror is a 78-level boss located on the Eastern edge of the Farbane Woods. You can track his location by using the Blood Altar. This is a late-game boss and this boss is a bit tricky to handle. This boss has a lot of AoE attacks as well as the Long-Ranged attacks.

For the setup, Use the Crossbow in this fight because this boss will not let you come near him due to his AoE attacks around himself and you do want to stay away from these attacks. You want to have Ward of the Damned ability to block the attacks of this boss. For the travel ability, use the Veil of Chaos and for the DPS, use the Chaos Valley ability. For the ultimate ability, you can use the Heart Strike to gain HP as well while dealing damage.

How to Beat the Winged Horror

As you reached the location of the boss, use the Rain of Bolts ability and the Chaos Valley on the boss to get him burning damage then start shooting the arrows at him. This boss has several attacks and the first attack that he does in this fight is the Charge attack. Two orbs will spawn on the side of him and he charges toward you and you have to dash away in the other direction to dodge it. He will also shoot stars that will bounce of the ground and make sure to dodge them as well or block with the Ward of the Damned ability.

The boss will often fly in the air and shoot down the fire orbs on the ground that will last for a long time and you can’t step into the burning fire or you’ll get the burn damage for like a couple of minutes and it will kill you. He shoots down the fire orbs on the position around where he flew up in the sky so, make sure to stay away from that area and when he comes down, shoot him with the crossbow’s ability and the Chaos Valley as well along with the arrows. Sometimes when he flies, you can also see his shadow on the ground and the red circles will start to appear which means the fire orbs will land on the circles and you have to get away from the circles in order to dodge the fire.

He also has a frost AoE attack, it is in a circle and a big red circle will indicate the position of the attack so you can dodge away from that circle. The frost AoE attack will stay for a few seconds on that area and if you run into the area, you’ll get chills. So, try to stay away from the fire and the frost area for a while. He’ll also shoot the fire orbs straight to you and you can block them with the Ward of the Damned ability but as he stops shooting the orbs, he will shoot the stars so you can keep your distance and try to damage him with the ranged abilities and crossbow.

If you get hit by the fire orbs, you’ll get burning damage over time as well as your movement speed will also get lower by 5% so if you want to remove the burning effect, try to get hit by the frost attack of his, that will remove the burning effect and you start to get frost damage but it is lower than that and you’ll get your movement speed back to normal. When he goes in the air, you can use your consumables and heal back. When you see him walking towards you, it means he is about to do the dash attack but you can hit him with your Ultimate ability at this point and get some health back as well.

Other than that, you just have to stay back in this fight and deal damage to him with the ranged abilities and crossbow. It will take around 5-8 minutes to defeat this boss so keep your focus on the attacks and the movement of the boss. Once you’ve downed the boss, Feed on his blood to get a new ability.


Extract his V Blood to get the Frost Vortex ability.

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