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V Rising: How to defeat Clive the Firestarter



V Rising: How to defeat Clive the Firestarter

In order to progress through V Rising, Players have to take down different enemies and Bosses, in this guide we will cover how you can beat Clive the Firestarter, where to find him, and what are the rewards you will get after you are able to beat him



Players can find Clive the Firestarter in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry which is west of Farbane Woods. The Boss arena has other mob members outside as well. So, the basic approach for the boss fight is first you have to clear the mob, and then you should make yourself to the boss arena.

How to defeat Clive the Firestarter

Clive the Firestarter is a level 30 Boss and it is recommended not to go near him when your character is at a lower level than 28. Clive will have different techniques and attacks, His first ability is launching bombs that turn into smaller bombs, which cover more area on the ground and players have to step away from the places the bombs are falling, his second ability is launching a giant bomb into the ground that players must avoid after that he does a small dash, he can use this ability multiple times, Clive’s fight will require a lot of dodging when fighting him, Clive’s bombs get bigger and more destructive for you as his health goes down. There are small boxes of explosives laying down around the area, it is recommended to destroy them from a distance so Clive will not be able to use them against you during the battle.

During battle you will see red circular marks on the ground, those marks indicate the radius where the bombs will cause impact, players have to constantly step out of those and attack Clive the Firestarter while maintaining timing with his attacks, as you read earlier as his health goes down, his attacks will get more and more destructive, so players have to take this in consideration during the fight.

V Rising: How to defeat Clive the Firestarter

After defeating Clive the Firestarter, you will get the following rewards:

  • Veil of Chaos
  • The Alchemy Table
  • Enchanted Brazier
  • Enchanted Torches
  • Sulphur Crafting Recipe
  • Minor Explosive Box

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