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V Rising: How to Defeat Christina the Sun Priestess



V Rising: How to Defeat Christina the Sun Priestess

You’d get to fight a lot of different enemies and bosses while progressing through the game. The bosses in this game will give you new abilities, recipes, structures, etc. As you level up the bosses will become harder and they’ll also drop a high tier ability. In this guide, we tell you how to find and defeat Christina the Sun Priestess boss.

How to Defeat Christina the Sun Priestess

Christina the Sun Priestess is a level 44 boss in the Dunley Farmlands region of the map. Her location may vary but mostly she would be found in the Dawnbreak Village. Before you get to fight her, you need to equip Chaos Valley as your long-range ability because it will shoot two burning bolts that will cause great damage to her. You also need to equip a dash ability so you can easily get out or rush into her when the moment is right. For the melee, you can use axes or swords whichever you prefer but both of them will do good in this battle.

There would be 2 guards with her who are not easy to kill at the start, you have to kill them while fighting her. You can hit her guards with the Chaos Valley to deal great damage.

How to Defeat Christina the Sun Priestess

The first attack that she does is she launches five lightning strikes on the ground but they are easy to dodge because there is a gap in every light. If you are close to her when she does this attack, you might get hit with all or a few of the lights and they will do great damage to you. So, if you saw her lightning her shaft then get back and dodge this attack by going through gaps and hitting her with the Chaos Valley.

The other attack that she does is that she shines a light on top of you which will slow you down and her guards will aggress towards you, you just have to dash away from the range of the light and hither with the Chaos Valley again and then hit her again with the melee weapons as long as she is in the light animation. You’ll deal a great amount of damage to her at this point because the guards will be far.

She also creates a circle around herself when she does that you need to hit her from far, you can use the Chaos Valley as it does burn damage to her. If you try to hit her while she is in that circle then that circle bounces you off with the damage. She also has a healing ability in which she heals herself and she might do this several times but you can also aggress towards her and land a couple of hits with the melee weapon and she would not get that much heal and then dash back and hit her with Chaos Valley.

How to Defeat Christina the Sun Priestess

That is all of her attacks and you just have to time your dashes right and attack her with the Chaos Valley when you get the chance because Chaos Valley and your melee weapon would do the most damage to her. After she is downed, extract her V Blood to get the new ability and rewards.


After defeating her, you’d get the following rewards.

Power: Purgatory
Recipes: Glass, Empty Glass Bottle, Holy Resistance Potion, Blood Rose Potion

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