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V Rising: How to Defeat Gorecrusher the Behemoth



V Rising: How to Defeat Gorecrusher the Behemoth

In V Rising, there are different bosses that you have to take down in order to get new abilities, structures, and recipes. You have to defeat the enemies in order to progress the game. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Gorecrusher the Behemoth.

V Rising: How to Defeat Gorecrusher the Behemoth

How to Defeat Gorecrusher the Behemoth

Gorecrusher the Behemoth is a 78-level boss located in the Lair of the Behemoth area in the South of the Cursed Forest. You can find the exact location of the boss by tracking the blood from the Blood Altar. You need to bring a number of Witch potions with you because this boss will take a lot of hits and time to die so you want to increase your spell power so you can deal more damage to him. You want to use the Chaos Valley ability because it’ll give burning damage to him over time. You also want to have the Ward of the Damned ability because it’ll help you block the attacks of this boss. For the Weapon, you can use the Swords or axes but the recommendation is that you use the Crossbow so, you can damage him at a long range. You can use the Dark Silver Crossbow or the Sanguine Crossbow because it’ll do great damage to him and the ability of the crossbow to shoot multiple arrows will also be useful.

When you get to the boss, you immediately want to drink the Witch Potion and use the Chaos Valley along with the Crossbow ability on him. It’ll get him some damage and then he would rush towards you or jump attack you. The Jump attack has a radius that will be shown with a red circle on the ground and you need to dash away from its radius when he lands on the ground. He also has a slam attack that has the same radius but there’ll be cracks on the ground that will explode after a second so you also want to stay back from the cracks. You want to keep shooting arrows at him and whenever your Chaos Valley ability is charged, use it on him so you can deal burning damage to him over time.

He also has a close-range attack in which he screams and pounds on the ground near him so if you see him scream, just dash back and hit him with the Chaos Valley along with the Crossbow ability. If he is rushing towards you, you can block it with your Ward of the Damned ability and he will also get stunned for like a second.

This boss will also summon a wolf and a bear during the fight, the bear has a melee attack and an AoE attack. The wolf has a rushing attack. You can easily kill them both with your abilities or just by shooting arrows at them. When his HP gets 50%, he’ll summon blue particles that will spread in the fighting area but they’ll break after a few seconds. You don’t want to get touched by it or you’ll get damaged. After all the particles are gone, his right arm will be lighted and he will launch a melee attack on you which can be blocked with your shield ability. When his HP gets more low, he’ll summon his own spirit that’ll have the same attacks. If you want to take out the spirit as it spawns just launch crossbow ability and the Chaos Valley on the spirit and his health will drain quickly. The spirit will get downed and when the boss summons blue particles again the spirit will get up but this time its HP would be half. Then you have to take him out again and deal damage to the boss.

charged melee attack, block it with the shield ability, and hit him with chaos ability and the


When you extract his V Blood, you’ll get Wisp Dance ability as a reward.

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