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V Rising: How to Defeat the Duke of Balaton



V Rising: Duke of Balaton Boss Guide

In V Rising, there are different bosses that you have to take down in order to get new abilities, structures, and recipes. You have to defeat the enemies in order to progress the game. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat the Duke of Balaton.

V Rising: Duke of Balaton Boss Guide

How to Defeat the Duke of Balaton

Duke of Balaton is a 62-level boss located in the North of the Cursed Forest region of the map. You can find its exact location by tracking its blood from the Blood Altar. This boss has a lot of AoE attacks and if you get close to it, it’ll put you in its mouth so you cannot fully hit it with the melee weapons so you need to kill it with the Crossbow and the Chaos Valley ability that’ll do the burning damage over time.

The first attack of this boss is a jump attack where it jumps on your position and when it lands it throws green particles near and its positions are highlighted with the red circles. You can easily dodge it because the particles will only drop near the jumping position of the boss, dash away from the jumping position, and hit it with the Chaos Valley along with the Crossbow ability. It’ll deal great damage to the boss.

This boss also has a melee attack which it does with its tongue, if you get close to it, it’ll hit you with the tongue and put you in its mouth. This damage you and when he spits you out, you’ll also get stunned for a couple of seconds. So, make sure to not get closer to this boss and try to damage him with the crossbow and the Chaos Valley ability.

It will also throw the particles while staying in a position but it throws more particles in this state and it covers most of the area near you, so when you see it lifting its head up, it means it’s going to do that attack and you have to dash away from that position. You can deal damage to it every now and then with the arrows of the crossbow and the Chaos Valley.

V Rising: Duke of Balaton Boss Guide

This Boss will also throw minions out of its mouth in the fight but they are easy to kill, they’ll be dead with the 2 arrows of the crossbow. Just focus on the boss more and try to keep moving because it’ll try to grab you with its tongue and deal damage.

That’ll be all of its attacks and you just need to focus on the boss’s movement and whenever it jumps on your location, dash away and hit it with the Chaos Valley. When it throws particles on you, dash away and do the same thing. Try to keep your distance from it because you don’t want to get caught by its tongue because it will put you in its mouth and then spit you out doing the stun. Other than that, it is an easy boss and you’ll be able to defeat him with long-range attacks.


Once it is downed, extract its V Blood to get the Toad Form ability. You can change into a frog and jump high in the air.

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