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V Rising: Azariel the Sunbringer Boss Guide



V Rising: Azariel the Sunbringer Boss Guide

In V Rising, there are different bosses that you have to take down in order to get new abilities, structures, and recipes. You have to defeat the enemies in order to progress the game. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Azariel the Sunbringer.

V Rising: Azariel the Sunbringer Boss Guide

How to Defeat Azariel the Sunbringer Boss

Azariel the Sunbringer is a 68-level Boss located in the West of the Silverlight Hills region of the map. You can find his exact location by tracking his blood from the Blood Altar. This boss is in the Cathedral and it is protected by the Holy Aura that deals damage to your player when you get near the place so, you want to bring the Holy Resistance Potion or Holy Resistance Flask with you because that’ll increase the Holy Damage Resistance for some time. You want to use the Chaos Valley ability because it’ll give burning damage to him over time. You also want to have the Ward of the Damned ability because it’ll help you block the attacks of this boss. For the Weapon, you can use the Swords or axes but the recommendation is that you use the Crossbow so, you can damage him at a long range. You can use the Dark Silver Crossbow or the Sanguine Crossbow because it’ll do great damage to him and the ability of the crossbow to shoot multiple arrows will also be useful.

Once you get into the Cathedral, you want to deal as much damage as you can at the start, use the Chaos Ability and the Crossbow ability then shoot arrows at him with the crossbow. The boss will summon his minions and you want to take them as quickly as possible because they will also use the ability as same as the boss. The boss will throw multiple lighting pillars and the minions will also throw those pillars and it’ll be difficult to dodge all of them or block them with your Ward of the Damned ability. Take them out with the Crossbow ability and by shooting arrows. You can block the pillars with the shield ability and then shoot the Chaos Valley ability at the boss.

He also has an AoE attack that throws the lightning particles near to his position and this attack will be no issue for you because you’ll be facing him from a distance. He’ll also have a shield in which he won’t take any damage but you can interrupt it by shooting down Crossbow ability on him. He’ll also spawn a cloud light which will damage you if you stand in from of it so dash away when it spawns in front of you and keep shooting arrows and Chaos Valley at the Boss.

The other ability that this boss has is he spawns a relic that protects him from any damage and you cannot interrupt it by dealing damage to the boss but you have to destroy the relic in order to get him out of the immunity. If you destroy the relic, it will explode and the explosion radius will be highlighted by a red circle on the floor. Immediately dash away when you destroy the relic and then start shooting arrows and Chaos Valley at the boss.

Overall, it is not a hard boss fight, you just have to take his minions out as fast as you can. You need to use the shield for the Lightning pillars attack and stay away from the lightning cloud. You’ll defeat him in no time if you focus on his moves and deal damage to him consistently.


When he is downed, extract his V Blood to get the Power Surge ability. You’ll also unlock the recipe of Gold Ingot.

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