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V Rising: How to Get Exquisite Hearts



V Rising: How to Get Exquisite Hearts

You’ll come to find many reagent resources in V Rising which are used to craft other useful items. Crafting is one of the main mechanics in V Rising that players utilize to make or upgrade weapons with the resources they gather from the world of Vardoran. In this guide, we tell you how you can get Exquisite Hearts in V Rising.

How to Get Exquisite Hearts

The Exquisite Hearts is a late-game item that you’ll find in the Silverlight Hills region of the map. You can get Exquisite Hearts from the mobs that have 68+ level and they can be found all over the Silverlight Hills region. Kill the mobs in the different areas of the Silverlight Hills and you’ll get a good number of Exquisite Hearts. The enemies that drop the Exquisite Hearts are mostly the Paladins and the Wizards which can be found easily in the Cathedral area and the Fortress of Light area.

The areas where you’ll find the most mobs in the Silverlight Hills region are the following.

  • Fortress of Light
  • Brighthaven Square
  • Brighthaven Cathedral
  • Harpy Nest
  • Emberleaf Grove

Use of Exquisite Heart

The Exquisite Hearts are used to craft the Primal Blood Essence in the Press Blood machine. The Primal Blood Essence is used to craft more powerful weapons and gear. The recipe for Primal Blood Essence is obtained from defeating Jade the Vampire Hunter. It is a level 62-boss that can be found roaming around in the center of the Dunley Farmlands region.

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