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V Rising: How to Complete Lord of the Manor Quest



V Rising: How to Complete Lord of the Manor Quest

V Rising with all its elements of surviving, resource gathering, and shelter experience, it has RPG elements as well. You will get a set of quests with you which will also help you learn the game as you roam around the world of V Rising to gather resources.

In this guide, we will cover one of the main quest lines called Lord of the Manor, which has an objective to bind to a Stone Coffin. A worthy place to rest for the lord.

How to make a Stone Coffin

In the quest, Lord of the Manor you have to make a Stone Coffin and it will unlock the blueprint for the Servant Coffin and complete the quest. Firstly, you need the required resources for the Stone Coffin and secondly, you need a Grinder to craft the next items required to make a Stone Coffin.

You will get the Blueprint of Grinder in the early game but you need the resources as well in order to build the Grinder. You will need four Whetstone, eight wooden planks, and Copper ingots in order to build the Grinder by using the building menu. You will find Grinder in the Production tab under the Refinement category. Also, Castle Heart should be there to power up the Grinder to make resources.

Now you need the resources for the Stone Coffin. You need Bones and you have to use the grinder and put the Bones in Grinder input and it will give you Grave Dust, Grave Dust is one of the required items to craft a Stone Coffin. 100 Bones will give you 1 Grave Dust, so you need 600 bones in order to get 6 Grave Dust. Stone Coffin, when you click on its blueprint it will show you all the required and the amount of the items needed in order to craft the Stone Coffin.

V rising stone

So, we need 20 Stone Bricks and 6 Grave Dust in order to craft the Stone Coffin. Now for the Stone Bricks, you need to use the Grinder and you need Stone. You will put 12 Stone and it will give you 1 Brick. So, you need 240 Stone and put them in Grinder and you will get 20 Stone Bricks. You have now all the required items to craft the Stone Coffin.

You need to go to Building Menu, into the Fundamentals and you’ve to select Stone Coffin. This will select the Stone Coffin and you can place it in your desired location in your castle. This will complete the quest Lord of the Manor and you will unlock the new blueprint for Servant Coffin.

How to make a Stone Coffin

You can use the Stone Coffin to sleep in it, this will pass the time for you as Sunrising time is not good for the lord as he’s a Vampire. So, you can pass the time by sleeping in the coffin. You can press space and it will wake you up, an animation will trigger where your player comes floating outside the coffin, and also the time will get changed as well.

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