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V Rising: How to defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter Boss



V Rising: How to defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter Boss

In V Rising, you need to defeat the bosses to get the new abilities and new items for your base or your equipment. Each region of the map has several bosses that you can track and kill to get new abilities. Tristan the Vampire Hunter is the highest-level boss in the Farbane Woods area of the map. This is the area where you actually begin your game.

In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Tristan the Vampire hunter and what rewards we get.

How to Beat Tristan the Vampire Hunter Boss

Tristan the Vampire Hunter is a level 46 boss and it is the last boss in the Farbane Woods region. Since he is a high-tier boss, you also want to increase your gear level so, you can be able to fight him and deal damage to him. At least get your gear level to 40 if you want to deal damage to this boss because this boss takes a lot of hits and damage.

How to Beat Tristan the Vampire Hunter Boss

After reaching the required level for this boss, open the Blood Altar and track the blood of this boss. Now there is no permanent location for this boss, he can be anywhere on the map and the best way to find him is just to follow his track of this boss. Now if you want to Solo this boss you can but you would need a lot of healing. Because this boss deals a ton of damage and has a lot of moves. The best way to kill this boss is that you to go to a party with other vampires of the server. Then it would be way easier than defeating him solo.

If you want to defeat this boss in a party of vampires then get two vampires that have crossbows for long-range attacks and get two vampires with the melee weapons for close combat. In this way you can play both the roles, you can stay behind with two vampires and deal damage to him from far or you can just close to him and hit him in close range with a melee weapon.

tristan boss

If you want to talk about his attacks, the basic attack that he would do is with his sword. He would strike his sword while swinging and jumping which is really annoying and that’s where the crossbows vampires come in, they would deal damage and distract him while the vampires close to him can deal damage to him with the melee weapons and move back. This boss also has a crossbow that deals fire damage to the player so, you probably want to dodge the crossbow attack. While he is doing the crossbow attack, it would take him like a second to shoot it so, one person can swing near him and get a couple of hits in with the melee weapon.

The other attack that he does is that he throws a grenade in the air and when it lands on the ground, a large area lights up in fire and if you are in that area, you’d get so much damage to the fire so if you saw him throws the grenade in the air just move back and wait for the grenade to land and then lure him away from the fire area by doing the range attacks. This attack is probably the most annoying thing in the whole fight.

The other tip to fight this boss is that you want to fight him in the nighttime because if he is in an open area, you won’t be able to fight him properly because you’re going to get burned by the sunlight and keep looking for the shade which would be annoying for you as well. Other than that, if you overcome his attacks and the whole team deals damage to him then he won’t be able to stand a chance against your team. Once he is down just go near him and feed on his blood to get the ability, If your team member is feeding on him then just go close while he is feeding and all the players near him will get the ability.

How to Beat Tristan the Vampire Hunter Boss


By defeating him, we would get the Blood Hunger ability which allows you to instantly recognize the blood type and blood quality of nearby enemies. This ability is good in case, if you are looking for a specific blood type then use this ability to track and feed the blood you desire.

The other reward you will get from him is the Greater Blood Essence that you can make in the Blood Press machine. It would cost 150 Blood Essence to make 1 Greater Blood Essence.

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