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V Rising: How to Get Ghost Yarn



V Rising: How to Get Ghost Yarn

You’ll come to find many reagent resources in V Rising which are used to craft other useful items. Crafting is one of the main mechanics in V Rising that players utilize to make or upgrade weapons with the resources they gather from the world of Vardoran. In this guide, we tell you how you can get Ghost Yarn in V Rising.

How to Get Ghost Yarn

Ghost Yarn is one of the important resources in the late game and there are two ways to get this resource. You can get it either from specific places or you can also craft it at your base. In order to get this resource, you need to head to the Cursed Forest region of the map, there are two Ancient Villages in that region from where you can get this item either by looting the chests or killing the enemies. One Ancient village is on the East side of the Cursed Forest and the other Ancient Village is on the West side of the Cursed Forest. The enemies will have a chance of dropping the Ghost Yarn in these places and also looting all the chests will get you a significant amount of Ghost Yarn.

How to Get Ghost Yarn

For the crafting of this resource, you need to defeat a couple of bosses to get the required structure and recipe for it. The first boss that you need to defeat is Beatrice the tailor, she is a 38-level boss located in the Dunley Farmlands region. You’ll unlock the Loom structure in which you’ll craft Ghost Yarn and Cotton Yarn recipe which is the required ingredient item to craft Ghost Yarn.

The other boss that you need to defeat is Ungora the Spider Queen who will give you the recipe of Ghost Yarn so, you can craft it in the Loom. She is a 60-level boss located in the center of the Cursed Forest region.

After you’ve got all of these required things, now you can craft the Ghost Yarn in the Loom. Open the Loom and the Ghost Yarn will require 8 Ghost Shroom and 4 Cotton Yarn. 1 Ghost Yarn will take around 2 minutes to craft.

V Rising: How to Get Ghost Yarn

You can use both of the methods to get the Ghost Yarn, if you are running low on resources then you can get it from the enemies and the chests. If you don’t want to fight the enemies then you can craft it as well. You can farm Ghost Yarn by both methods.

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