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V Rising: How to Get Silkworms



V Rising: How to Get Silkworms

You’ll come to find many reagent resources in V Rising which are used to craft other useful items. Crafting is one of the main mechanics in V Rising that players utilize to make or upgrade weapons with the resources they gather from the world of Vardoran. In this guide, we tell you how you can get Silkworms in V Rising.

How to Get Silkworms

Silkworms are little creatures that you can collect and they are used to craft different items. You can craft Silk with the Silkworms in the Loom structure.

To gather the Silkworms, you need to head to the North part of the map which is the Cursed Forest. You’ll be able to collect Silkworms by breaking the Spider eggs in the Spider Cave area of the region.

How to Get Silkworms

When you enter this area, you’ll see eggs along the path. You can destroy these eggs by hitting them with any weapon and the Silkworm will come outside from them. You can collect Silkworms by going close to them and picking them up.

There are also little spiders inside of the eggs so be careful when you crack those eggs. There’ll be also large spiders in that cave that will attack you so if you want to farm the Silkworms for the Silk then you should go prepared. After getting enough silkworms, return to your base and put them in the Container and then you can go for another run in the same place to collect more Silkworms.

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