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V Rising: How to Get Scroll



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In V Rising, there are a lot of resources that you need to get in order to increase your gear level and upgrade your base. But not all resources are to increase the gear level or strength, there is also a resource that can increase your knowledge and that is Scroll. Then you can use this scroll to learn random recipes that might be useful for you. In this guide, we tell you how to get Scrolls in V Rising.


You cannot craft scrolls in any machine, you have to find the scroll in order to get its benefits. The scroll allows you to research new technology within your library. It is for knowledge purposes and it cannot be shared with other players of your clan or server. After learning the scroll, you’ll get a random recipe that might be useful for you.

How to Get Scrolls

You can get scrolls from 35+ level enemies and they can be found in the Militia Encampments in the Dunley Farmlands region. There are various areas in the region with the scroll marked as an important loot on the map.

How to Get Scrolls

Just kill the enemies in the camp and they’ll drop the scrolls along with other resources. You can also find the scrolls by breaking objects in the militia encampment or from the chests in the different areas around the map.

V Rising: How to Get Scroll

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