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V Rising: How to Defeat Hidden Mini-Boss (Scarecrow)



V Rising: How to Defeat Hidden Mini-Boss (Scarecrow)

In V Rising, there are a lot of bosses that you have to defeat to get the new abilities and recipes. These bosses are tracked by Blood Altar and you can go and kill them and then extract their blood to get the abilities. But we have found a hidden boss in the game that you’ve seen on the farms. The hidden boss is the Scarecrow, if you have visited the farms or abandoned farms around the map, you’d have seen scarecrows in the fields. If you hit the scarecrow, you’ll get Plant Fibre from it but sometimes if you hit it, the scarecrow will come alive and he will fight you. He’ll be the hidden mini-boss of the game. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat the Scarecrow boss.

How to Defeat Scarecrow Boss

This boss is a level 54 which is quite a high level for a mini-boss and it would be hard for the players who have a low level to defeat this boss. If you have a low level and you’ll see a scarecrow and you don’t want the plant fiber then you probably don’t want to hit it because if it comes alive, you’ll not be able to defeat it. But the players with high levels can defeat it, you just have to hit every scarecrow you see in the fields and one of them would come alive and then you can fight him.

How to Defeat Scarecrow Boss

The first attack of the scarecrow is a basic stabbing attack in front and you can easily dodge it and hit it with a couple of hits with the melee weapon and dash back. The second attack that it does is that it throws the two sickles in the forwarding direction and it spins just like the axes E ability. You can just dash away from its line and hit the scarecrow with your long-range ability.

It also has an AoE fear ability, you’ll get damage if you are in the area but the area is not that big so you can easily dodge it and hit it again with the long-range attack. It also has a counter ability where it disappears and teleports near you and fears you.

Overall, it is not a hard fight and is very easy to tackle but after you defeat this boss, you’ll get resources instead of new abilities and recipes. But the resources are quite useful that it drops.


It can drop Wool Thread, Plant Fibre, Snow Flower Seed, and Scourgestone. It can drop up to 5 scourgestone which is very useful.

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