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V Rising: Upgrade from Copper to Iron Tools



V Rising: How to Get the Only Legendary Item

V Rising offers different types of weapons, gears, and tools in the game but for every type, you have to upgrade or craft certain things. You’ll start with the bone weapons and you’ll craft the workstation to get copper weapons and gear. If you want to upgrade to the next level of the weapons and gears which is the iron then you have to do certain things. In this guide, we tell you how to upgrade your weapons and gear into iron.

Upgrade from Copper to Iron Tools

To upgrade to iron, you do need resources such as Iron Ingot, Iron Ore, etc. but in order to do that, you need merciless weapons. Merciless weapons are used to harvest iron and break ores to get iron. You’ll also need to defeat the lower-level bosses to get some iron tools recipes but you won’t be able to craft the tools without the required workstation.

V Rising: Upgrade from Copper to Iron Tools

You’d also need to farm paper by looting chests that can be found in the Bandit Camps. Paper will get you random recipes as well. The main thing that you need to do is that defeat Quincey the Bandit King. He is a level 37 boss and you should be able to defeat him with the merciless weapon and merciless gear. By defeating this boss, you’ll get the new abilities but you’ll also get the Smithy workstation in which all the iron tools can be crafted. In order to craft this workstation, you’ll need 200 Blood Essence, 32 Iron Ingot, and 16 Sulphur.

You’ll also need the Furnace so you can turn iron ores into iron bars and then you can craft the weapons and gear in the Smithy workstation.

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