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V Rising: How to Defeat Vincent the Frostbringer



V Rising: How to Defeat Vincent the Frostbringer

You’d get to fight a lot of different enemies and bosses while progressing through the game. The bosses in this game will give you abilities, recipes, structures, etc. As you level up the bosses will become harder and they’ll also drop a high tier ability. In this guide, we tell you how to find and defeat Vincent the Frostbringer boss.

How to Defeat Vincent the Frostbringer

Vincent the Frostbringer is a level 40 boss located in the Militia Encampment in the Dunley Farmlands region. Get your gear level to at least 38 or 40 before fighting this boss so you can deal more damage to him and also clear the minions in the fight. Because this boss has 5 soldiers with him in the fight but he would not summon more so just take out the soldiers first so you can focus on the boss more.

Once you are ready for the fight, access the Blood Altar and track the blood of Vincent the Frostbringer and follow the red trail to get to his location.

How to Defeat Vincent the Frostbringer

The first attack that he does is the frost arrows, he shoots five arrows but it is dodgeable by staying in the gap between the arrows. If you get hit by an arrow you get slow but if you get hit by two arrows then you get frozen and then he can do a lot of damage to you. Every attack that he does is based on the frost so, if you get hit once, you get slow, and while in the slow form if you get hit by another frost attack you get frozen. So, don’t get hit twice from the attack of this boss because then he can kill you if you are low on health.

How to Defeat Vincent the Frostbringer

The boss also attacks with his melee weapon which also does the frost damage and you get slow but the boss itself is very slow so you can dash around and hit him with the combo attack or you can just hit him with the Chaos Valley ability from far.

He also has a Frost shield that blocks every incoming attack so you cannot hit him while he is using his shield. This shield will also block long-range attacks. He will also dash toward you with the shield but you’ll be able to dodge this attack by dashing in another direction and hitting him from the back.

Overall, it’s not a hard boss but due to frost damage it can be annoying, you just have to time his attacks right and dodge them. After dodging you dash to him and deal damage to him with the melee attacks or you can just hit him with the long-range attack. After you’ve defeated the boss, extract his V Blood and you’ll get new abilities and rewards.


The rewards you get after defeating Vincent the Frostbringer are the following:

  • Powers: Frost Barrier, Veil of Frost
  • Structure: Prison Cell
  • Recipe: Reinforced Plank

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