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V Rising: How to Get the Pistols



Pistols Abilities in V Rising

The Secrets of Gloomrot update of V Rising has two new weapon types. Players will now be able to unlock Greatword and Pistols in the game which can change the playstyle of the game completely. Like the rest of the weapons in the game, both of the new weapons have two unique abilities that can cause great damage to the enemies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Pistols in V Rising.

How to Get Pistols in V Rising

Pistols are a new weapon type in V Rising that players can get by defeating a V Blood named “Jade the Vampire Hunter”. She is a Level 57 boss that can be found roaming around in the Dunley Farmlands region. She can be found in the central area of the Dunley Farmlands region near the Cotton Farm and Militia Encampment. When you find her, you need to defeat her and drink her V Blood to unlock the recipe for Pistols.

Once you have unlocked the recipe, make sure that you also have unlocked the Iron and Smithy workstation. It is because the recipe can only be crafted at the smithy workstation and you will be needing the following resources.

  • 15x Iron Ingot
  • 12x Plank

Once you have the resources, go to the workstation and select the Pistols to craft it. It will take 48 Seconds for the Pistols to be crafted and after that, it is all yours.

Pistols Abilities in V Rising

The Pistols have the following two abilities.

  • Fan The Hammer: By pressing the Q Button, your character will use the Fan the Hammer ability that will allow you to fire 10 Bullets in a cone over 1.5 Seconds. Each of the bullets will deal 25% Physical Damage and knocks the target back
  • Explosive Bullet: By Pressing the E Button, your character will use the Explosive Bullet ability that will allow you to perform a dodge roll in the direction of the cursor and then shoot an explosive bullet. The bullet will deal 25% Physical Damage on impact and after 3 Seconds, the bullet will explode which deals 125% Physical Damage in an area and knocks back the enemies.

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