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V Rising: How to Get Mutant Grease



V Rising: How to Get Mutant Grease

The addition of the new region in the new update of V Rising also contains new resources for the players to collect. The new resources are extremely useful in crafting other resources or items for the players. One of the new resources that players can find in V Rising is Mutant Grease.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Mutant Grease in V Rising.

How to Get Mutant Grease in V Rising

As the name implies, this resource is obtained from the mutated enemies who are also a new type of enemies that have been added to the game. However, these enemies can only be found in the new region named “Gloomrot” which is divided into two regions, Gloomrot North and Gloomrot South. Apparently, these enemies can be found in both of the regions but most of them can be found easily in the Gloomrot South region.

Since both of the areas are the end-game areas, you would have to be at least Level 60 before you pick your fight with the enemies in the areas. In order to get the Mutant Grease, you would have to kill the following mutated enemies.

  • Mutated Rat
  • Mutated Deer
  • Mutated Moose
  • Mutated Wolf
  • Mutated Bear

Each of the Mutated enemies will drop a number of Mutant Grease that you can pick up. The Pools of Rebirth is one of the best locations to find a number of Mutant Grease. You can also find the Mutant Grease inside the containers in the villages. Make sure to loot the containers in the areas that you visit to get a number of resources along with Mutant Grease.

Once you have obtained a number of Mutant Grease, you can use it on the Tannery Workstation or Vermin Nest to craft useful items.

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