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V Rising: How to Get Depleted Battery



V Rising: How to Get Depleted Battery

The game V Rising has introduced a new resource called the Depleted Battery in a recent update. This resource is crucial for crafting advanced items, especially when players reach the end game. Here’s a simplified guide on how to obtain a Depleted Battery in V Rising.

How to Get Depleted Battery in V Rising

The Depleted Battery is an end-game resource that can be found in a new region called “Gloomrot”. Gloomrot is divided into two areas: Gloomrot South and Gloomrot North. The Depleted Battery can be found primarily in the Trancendum Camp area of Gloomrot North.

To obtain Depleted Batteries, players need to loot containers in the area for Tech Scraps or Depleted Batteries. However, the best chance of finding Depleted Batteries is by breaking Tech Piles in the area.

Players need to hit these Tech Piles to break them and retrieve Depleted Batteries. Be cautious, though, as some Tech Piles explode after a certain number of hits. The more Tech Piles you break, the more batteries you can collect.

These batteries are essential for creating another useful resource called the Power Core. As players progress further into the end-game, they can use the Power Core to create Onyx Tears. These Onyx Tears are used to repair Legendary Weapons, which are vital in the end-game.

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