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V Rising: How to Get Legendary Weapons



How to Get Legendary Weapons in V Rising

The new Legendary Weapons have been added to the V Rising and if you are an Early Access Player of V Rising, you would know that there were only Epic Weapons in the game. With the new first major update of the game, they have added a mechanic of forging through which you can get yourself a Legendary Weapon of any kind.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get Legendary Weapons in V Rising.

How to Get Legendary Weapons in V Rising

The Legendary Weapons are bound to the new forging mechanic so, the only way to get yourself a Legendary Weapon is by forging a Shattered Weapon that has unique abilities in a new workstation named “Ancestral Forge”. As you progress ahead in the game, you will find Shattered Weapons of random weapon types. It could be Axes, Shards, Pistols, etc. but they can be forged to turn them into a Legendary Weapon.

As you level up your character to unlock the new regions and when you explore the new areas, you will get a number of Shattered Weapons. You need to save them in your chests at the castle and when you unlock the Ancestral Forge, you will be able to forge them into a legendary weapon. In order to forge the Shattered Weapons, you will be required of the following items.

  • Sanguine (Epic) Weapon Type
  • 3x Onyx Tears
  • 1x Primal Blood Essence

You will be required of a Sanguine Weapon Type of the same Shattered Weapon that you want to forge into a Legendary Weapon. As an example, if you want to forge Shattered Axes, you will be required to have Sanguine Axes in order to forge the shattered axes into a Legendary Weapon. So, make sure that you have unlocked the Sanguine Weapon Type of that shattered weapon.

How to Get Legendary Weapons in V Rising

Once you have all of the items required, you just need to select the option of forging and it will take about 7 Seconds and your Legendary Weapon will be ready to use. The Legendary Weapons have the highest attributes of all of the weapons along with a random buff on the weapon. They do have the same 2 abilities of that weapon type as the rest of the weapons but significantly, they do more damage with more physical power.

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