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V Rising: How to Get Shattered Weapons



V Rising: How to Get Shattered Weapons

As you explore the world of Vardoran in the new Secrets of Gloomrot update, you will come to find a new form of weapon known as Shattered Weapons. The Shattered Weapons are extremely useful because they are the key item for making yourself a Legendary Weapon of the same type. So, if you are looking forward to getting a Legendary Weapon, the Shattered Weapons is compulsory for it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Shattered Weapons in V Rising.

How to Get Shattered Weapons in V Rising

The Shattered Weapon can be found in every weapon type in V Rising. Meaning, there is a Shattered Weapon of every weapon type in V Rising and in order to make a Legendary Weapon of that type, you will be required of that Shattered Weapon type. All Shattered Weapons that you can get in V Rising are the following.

  • Ancestral Slashers Shards
  • Ancestral Sword Shards
  • Ancestral Pistols Shards
  • Ancestral Greatsword Shards
  • Ancestral Spear Shards
  • Ancestral Reaper Shards
  • Ancestral Crossbow Shards
  • Ancestral Axes Shards
  • Ancestral Mace Shards

In order to get the Shattered Weapons in V Rising, there are two ways.

  • Exploring & Killing Enemies/Bosses
  • Buying from a Trader

The first method will be an initial method that all of the players will use. When you explore the Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands, you will get to find a number of Shattered Weapons. As you progress further ahead in the game, you will get to take out certain enemy types and bosses that will drop the Shattered Weapons. You need to store the Shattered Weapons for the end-game so, that you can turn them into Legendary Weapons.

The second method which is buying them from a trader is a late-game method because there is only 1 trader that will sell you the Shattered Weapons. The Trader is located on the west side of the Gloomrot South region and you will find him in the area named “Treasure Hunter Trade Post” near the Trancendum Camps in the area. Since that area is an end-game area, you would have to be at least Level 60 in order to get there.

How to Get Shattered Weapons in V Rising

Another reason why that it is an end-game method, is because the trader only accepts Onyx Tears in exchange for Shattered Weapons. So, if you want to buy a number of Shattered Weapons of different weapon types, you will be needing a lot of Onyx Tears. Once you have Onyx Tears, you just have to travel to the Trader because you would not be able to teleport because of the Onyx Tears. Once there, you just need to talk to the trader and you will be able to buy yourself some Shattered Weapons of different weapon types.

That is all related to how to get Shattered Weapons in V Rising.

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