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V Rising: How to Get Onyx Tears



V Rising: How to Get Onyx Tears

One of the crucial end-game resources that players will have to get in V Rising is Onyx Tear. The Onyx Tear is used for a couple of purposes. It is mainly used as a required resource for forging the Legendary Weapons and it can also be used as a currency to buy Shattered Weapons from a Trader in the Gloomrot region. It is one of the most valuable resources in the end-game and you will have to do a lot of grinding in order to get it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Onyx Tears in V Rising.

How to get Onyx Tears in V Rising

The Onyx Tear can only be obtained by crafting it on your own on the Anvil Workstation. You will get the recipe of this workstation by defeating Cyril the Cursed Smith V Blood. Once you have unlocked the recipe, build the Anvil at your castle, and then you would have to get a number of things to start crafting Onyx Tears. The very first item that you would require is the recipe for Onyx Tear itself. The recipe for Onyx Tear is unlocked by defeating Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer. He is a Level 79 Boss who is one of the end-game bosses of the game.

Once you have unlocked the recipe for Onyx Tear, you will require the following resources to craft an Onyx Tear.

  • 3x Dark Silver Ingot
  • 3x Gold Ingot
  • 3x Power Core
  • 1x Blood Merlot

The Dark Silver Ingots and Gold Ingots are obtained from the Furnace. So, you will have to gather Spectral Dust, Silver Ore, Sulphur, and Gold Jewelry to craft the items at the Furnace. The Power Cores are obtained from Fabricator so you will have to craft them with Charged Batteries and Radium Alloys. The Blood Merlot is obtained from any prisoner in Prison Cell. You will have to get Sacred Grapes and Empty Glass Bottle. After that, you will be able to extract Blood Merlot from the prisoner.

How to get Onyx Tears in V Rising

Once you have all of the required resources, access the Anvil and insert the resources in the Input Section of the Anvil and select the Onyx Tear to craft it. It will take 1 Minute and 12 Seconds for 1 Onyx Tear to craft. You will have to do a lot of grinding to get more resources to craft more Onyx Tears. As Onyx Tears will be used in high numbers while forging the Legendary Weapons, you will have to craft more Onyx Tears.

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