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V Rising: How to Get Power Core



V Rising: How to Get Power Core

In the captivating world of V Rising, players are introduced to a variety of new resources as they progress toward the end game. One such resource that holds immense significance in the end game is the Power Core. The Power Core is a crucial resource primarily used to craft another valuable resource known as the Onyx Tear, which is indispensable in forging Legendary Weapons.

This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on how to obtain the Power Core in V Rising, a key component in the game’s progression.

How to Get Power Core in V Rising

The Power Core, a resource brimming with energy, isn’t something players can stumble upon during their journey. Instead, it’s a resource that players must craft themselves using the Fabricator, a new workstation in the game. The Fabricator can be unlocked by defeating Ziva the Engineer, a formidable adversary in the game.

However, having the Fabricator isn’t enough to start crafting the Power Core. Players also need the Power Core recipe, which can be obtained by defeating Voltatia the Power Master, an end-game boss residing in the Gloomrot region. Once players have both the Fabricator and the Power Core recipe, they can begin crafting the Power Core.

Materials Required for the V Rising Power Core

Crafting the Power Core requires specific resources. Players will need:

How to Get Power Core in V Rising

Once players have gathered all the necessary resources, they can interact with the Fabricator and insert the resources into the Input section of the Fabricator. After selecting the Power Core, the crafting process begins, taking approximately 1 minute and 12 seconds to complete.

Given the importance of the Power Core in crafting Onyx Tears, which are essential for repairing Legendary Weapons, players are advised to craft multiple Power Cores. This ensures they have enough Onyx Tears for their Legendary Weapons, thereby maintaining their combat readiness in the game.

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