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V Rising: How to Charge Batteries



V Rising: How to Charge Batteries

As players progress their way to the end-game, they will begin to find material named Depleted Batteries. The Depleted Battery itself is useless without being charged so, players will have to charge these batteries in order to use them at the Fabricator Workstation to craft new resources.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to charge batteries in V Rising.

How to Charge Batteries in V Rising

Players would have to charge the Depleted Batteries at a certain area named Thunderstrike Peak. This area is located in the Gloomrot North region and it is an end-game area for which players would require at least Level 70. As you make your way to the Thunderstrike Peak area, you will have to dodge the lightning strikes falling down from the sky. You will have to move continuously in order to evade the lightning strikes.

How to Charge Batteries in V Rising

Once there at the location, take out the enemies you see in the area and make your way to the machines named Lightning Harvesters. There would be 3 Lightning Harvesters in the area and on each harvester, you can charge a total of 10 Depleted Batteries. When you go near the lightning harvester, you will get the option to charge batteries. Press the F Button to interact and then select the Charge Batteries option to put your batteries in the machine. Run around in the area to evade the lightning strikes and take out the enemies until your batteries are charged.

V Rising: How to Charge Batteries

As there is no other way to charge the batteries in your castle so, this is one of the popular areas in the PvP servers so you will run into a number of enemies while charging the batteries. You will have to be careful of the lightning strikes because the more batteries you charge, the more lightning strikes will fall down on the area.

So, it is best to leave the area as soon as your batteries are charged but don’t forget to take them back from the lightning harvesters before leaving the area.

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