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V Rising: How to Track Down V Blood (Secrets of Gloomrot. Update)



V Rising: How to Track Down V Blood (Secrets of Gloomrot. Update)

The new update of V Rising has a lot of changes in the game mechanics and systems and one of the changes in the man story progression systems is the method of tracking down V Blood. V Blood is held by the main bosses in different regions of the world Vardoran. By tracking down their V Blood, you will get their blood’s scent that highlights their location’s direction. If you keep following that scent, you will reach their location where you will get to defeat them and feed on their V Blood. Now, this scenario is still the same in the latest update but the technique of tracking down V Blood has been changed.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to track down V Blood in V Rising.

How to Track Down V Blood in V Rising

In the Early Access Version of V Rising, the players were required to make a structure named “Blood Altar” in their castle to track down the V Blood. Players were required to gather 180x stones and 10x Blood Essence in order to make the Blood Altar. After that, they would be able to interact with it and select the V Blood of the enemy that they wanted to take down. However, in the new update, the players are no longer required to make the Blood Altar in their castle.

The process of tracking down the V Blood has been simplified by the devs and now, the players can access the V Blood Menu simply from the Vampire Powers Panel in the game. Just press the J Button and you will see the V Blood Tab. Go into the V Blood Tab and it will show you all of the V Bloods of different levels. All of the bosses are divided into three different acts and you will have to level up your character to open the specific regions and then you will be able to track down the V Blood of the bosses in that region.

V Rising: How to Track Down V Blood (Secrets of Gloomrot. Update)

There is a bit more addition while fighting the V Blood Boss in V Rising. In the new update, while fighting the boss, you will see the boss dropping Health Orbs on the ground. These Health Orbs will heal you during the fight so, you will not have to worry in between the phases of the tough bosses in the game. When you defeat the boss and drink his V Blood, it will also regenerate your Maximum Health.

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