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V Rising: How to Get the Vampire Horse



vampire horse in V rising

If you have been playing V Rising from the Early Access then you would have the knowledge of mounts in the game but the new Secrets of Gloomrot update has a new feature of turning your mounts into vampiric mounts. By owning a vampire mount, gives you more flexibility in the world because it has some characteristics that will help you a lot, especially in PvP servers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Vampire Horse in V Rising.

How to Get the Vampire Horse in V Rising

In order to get the Vampire Horse, you will be required a Vampire Power named “Dominate Mount”. It works the same as the other dominant spell of turning normal people into companions. The only difference is that this particular power will only be used on horses and you can turn the horses into your companions.

You will get this ability in the mid-game because it requires progression in the game. When you complete your quests in the game, you will be able to upgrade your Castle’s Heart. You need to upgrade the Castle Heart to Level 4. Once you have done that, you will unlock the Dominate Mount Power. You can equip this power in your power circle and you will be able to use it by pressing the R Button. When you see the horse in front of you, you only need to press the R button and it will dominate the horse and turn it into a vampire horse.

How to Get the Vampire Horse in V Rising

Once the horse is changed into a vampire horse, you can also give it a name like the normal horse. The Vampire Horse will already have a saddle and you can change its saddle by making yourself one at the Leather Making Workstation in your castle. The most useful ability of this power is that once you have dominated a horse, you will be able to teleport it near you no matter where you are. If you are far from your vampire horse, you just need to press the R Button and the vampire horse will teleport in front of you.

The Vampire Horse is very different than the normal horse and it is more flexible than the normal horse. It has a demonic look to it as well and the best part about the vampire horse mount is that it is bound to you. Meaning, no other player will be able to take your horse away from you. As an example, if you have left your horse somewhere on the map and the other player comes by it, they will not be able to mount it or ride it. It is pretty useful because it gives you more flexibility in the PvP Serers of the game.

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