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Planet of Lana: Chapter 1- Home Walkthrough



Planet of Lana- Chapter 1: Home Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the first chapter of the new indie game Planet of Lana.

Chapter 1: Home – Walkthrough

As the game begins, your sister will call you and you will have to follow her. Go to the right side to get down to the lower platform and then keep following her by going in the left direction. You will have to crouch down by pressing the LT Button to pass through objects on the path and you can jump by pressing the A Button. As you go ahead on the path, one of the ledges will break down which will make you fall in the water.

Don’t worry just keep on going in the left direction and you will be back up on the platform in a short time. Keep going ahead on the path until you reach the Butcher’s Shop. You need to sneak past the butcher because she doesn’t like to be interrupted. You need to press the LT Button and when she is butchering the meat, you need to cross her shop. If you see her looking over her left shoulder, wait for her to get back to butchering and then you can cross.

Chapter 1: Home – Walkthrough

Once you have crossed the butcher, keep on going to the left side until you reach the island. Follow the path and you will see you standing on a high ledge. You need to use the logs to move them to the left side and before they go back to the right side, you need to jump on the legs and then jump towards the ledge to grab it. Go up the ledge and follow the path. A short cutscene will start and after that, keep following your sister.

As you reach the end of the path, you will see several numbers of containers landing in the area nearby. Your sister will get caught by one of the robots and the robot will go towards the village. Now, you need to go all the way back to the village. While going back to the village, you will see a robot with light. You need to hide in tall grass by pressing LT. Let the robot go to the other side and you will be able to go ahead.

You need to keep going ahead and you will fall down into the water a couple of times but it does not matter. Just keep going towards the right side until you reach the closed shack. When you go to the right wall of the shack, you will get to learn a new mechanic of the game. You will be able to pull wood from the shack’s wall. You need to hold X Button and then give the direction of the left side to pull the wood. Now, go under the space and keep following the path ahead.

planet of Lana walkthrough

You will get to a cave on the right side for which you have to repeat the same process of pulling the woods. Crouch down to go ahead into the cave and you will see a rope hanging above you. Jump on the higher ledge and then jump towards the rope to grab it. Now go up the rope and jump on the right side. Keep going ahead and you will be out of the cave and the 1st chapter of the game will be concluded.

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