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V Rising: Raziel the Shepherd Boss Guide



V Rising: Raziel the Shepherd Boss Guide

In V Rising, there are different bosses that you have to take down in order to get new abilities, structures, and recipes. You have to defeat the enemies in order to progress the game. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Raziel the Shepherd.

V Rising: Raziel the Shepherd Boss Guide

How to Defeat Raziel the Shepherd

Raziel the Shepherd is a 60-level boss located in the Northwest in the Dunley Farmlands Region. He can be found in the Dunley Monastery area. You can locate his exact location by accessing the Blood Altar and tracking his V Blood.

This boss is in a Chapel surrounded by the Holy Aura that will deal damage to you every second so, you have to bring Holy Resistance Potions with you to resist the Holy Damage otherwise, it would be too much difficult to defeat this boss.

How to Defeat Raziel the Shepherd

For the Setup, you can use Sword or Spear as a Melee Weapon, both will do great in this fight. You can deal tons of damage to the boss with the Spear using its Thousand Spears ability. You can use Veil of Chaos or Veil of Frost as your travel/dash ability. You also want to have the Ward of the Damned ability to block the attacks of the boss. For the long-range attack, you can use the Chaos Valley ability because it would deal burning damage over time as well.

Once you get near the Chapel, use the Potion and go inside, you want to attack the boss first so, dash into him and use the Thousand Spears ability and then hit him with the Chaos Valley. It will deal a great amount of damage to him at the start of the fight. He’ll spawn Relics in the fight that will let him take less damage from you, you can destroy them by hitting it so, you definitely want to take the relic out when he spawns one. The boss has an AoE attack as well in which he shoots light on the ground from above and you’ll be able to see the radius of the light when he is about to do that attack. Make sure to dash away or just get out of the circle when it appears.

The boss also shoots a lighting valley onto you that will explode when it hits a target, you want to dodge this attack by moving to the side and then dashing into him and hitting him with Spear’s ability and Chaos Valley to deal damage to him. You can stay close to him in this fight and keep hitting him with the spear and Chaos Valley when it is recharged. He’ll also shoot a Beaming Light attack which you definitely want to stay away from because it does massive damage per second. You can dash away in the other direction to dodge this attack. When you get him low to 50% of his health, he’ll start to do a new attack. He’ll shoot a pillar of light that will follow you but its speed is slow so, you can dodge it by running and you can also use it to your advantage. When he does this attack, you want to dash towards him and hit him with the combo attack of spear and then the Thousand Spears ability, and then by that time you’ll get your dash ability back, dash away from him, and then hit him with the Chaos Valley. It will deal tons of damage to him.

That will be all of his attacks, you just have to dodge them and hit him for long as you can and then dash away from him. Always destroy the relics because that will let him take less damage from your attacks. Use the Chaos Valley often to deal burning damage to him. Once he is downed, feed on his blood to get a new ability.


Once you defeat him, extract his V Blood to get Crimson Beam ability. You’ll also get the recipe for Athenaeum Structure to build in your castle. You’ll get the recipes for Silver Resistance Potion and Corrupted Artifact as well.

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