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V Rising: Frostmaw the Mountain Terror Boss Guide



V Rising: Frostmaw the Mountain Terror Boss Guide

You’d get to fight a lot of different enemies and bosses while progressing through the game. The bosses in this game will give you abilities, recipes, structures, etc. As you level up the bosses will become harder and they’ll also drop a high tier ability. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror boss.

V Rising: Frostmaw the Mountain Terror Boss Guide

How to Defeat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror

Frostmaw the Mountain Terror is a 56-level boss located in the North of the Hallowed Mountains Region. You can track its exact location by accessing the Blood Altar and tracking its V Blood. This boss has frost attacks and melee attacks. The Frost attack of this boss is very annoying because it would freeze you on one hit and if you take more hits the freeze time will increase and the boss will push you and hit you with its claws.

For the setup, you can run a spear or any other melee weapon but the spear would be good for this boss because you can deal a ton of damage with it because this boss is a creature and the spear deals more damage to creatures. You want to equip the Blood Rite ability to perform the counter-attack because you don’t want to get frozen a lot in this fight. The Blood Rite ability will let you counter the attack and also heals you. The other ability that you want to use often in this fight is the Chaos Valley, you can deal burning damage to the boss and it will take much damage from it. You can also equip the Heart Strike ultimate ability and perform it when you get the chance.

When you reach the location of the boss, you want to hit him with the Chaos Valley ability and deal damage to him at the start. The boss has a frost bolts attack and it throws three bolts when it does this attack. You can dodge this attack by dashing away or simply by movement but if you get hit by any one of them, you’ll get frozen. If you see the boss coming towards you, spam the Blood Rite ability so when you get unfrozen the boss will hit you when you are in your counter ability and you’ll deal damage to him and you’ll also heal a bit. The boss also has a AoE attack where it slams on the ground and the frost wave generates around it. You want to stay away from that AoE attack. You can spam Chaos Valley on the boss because it will deal burning damage to it over time.

The melee attacks of this boss also deal Frost damage and they will also freeze you so when you see the boss pushing you, use the Blood Rite ability to counter it and get away from it. Just use the Chaos Valley on this boss as long as you can. When you get the chance to get near him, you can use the Thousand Spears ability on him and it’ll get his health low pretty quickly. Then after that hit him with the Chaos Valley as well. This boss has an attack where it creates an Ice Storm and it would decrease your movement speed. The ground will start to freeze and there would be ice spikes coming out of the ground, you can see the frozen ground and you just want to stay away from them because the spikes can hit you and they will freeze you. You can use your all abilities while in the ice storm.

When you get his HP low, the boss will start to use the beam of frost attack, he will shoot it at 180 degrees but if you dash at the right time the beam won’t hit you and you will get not freeze or if you have your Blood Rite ability charged then you can use that as well. Hit him with the Chaos Valley and if you can get close to him then use Spear’s ability as well. You can also use the Ultimate ability on him when he is stable, it’ll deal a great amount of damage to him and also heals you as well.

That was all of his attacks and you can defeat him, you just have to focus on the frost attacks of his, and when they are about to hit you just use the Blood Rite to get away and then just hit him with the Chaos Valley. Once you downed him, feed on its blood to get a new ability.


Once you have defeated him, extract its V Blood to get Ice Nova ability. You’ll also get the recipe for Scroll.

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