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Warzone: this is the new Wartracks or war marches



Warzone: this is the new Wartracks or war marches

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is perhaps the one that is bringing the most content into the game over the lifetime of the game. There are many new features, as there will be changes to the map of Warzone, and a new game mode will also come to the Battle Royale, among many other things, such as four maps for multiplayer or more.

Now, this fifth season will introduce what will be known in the game as Wartracks, or rather War marches if we play in Spanish for the title. Their explanation is simple, they will be songs that we can equip vehicles to tour Verdansk in the most epic way possible. Below we show you the official description:

War marches: enjoy various MW fears as you tour Verdansk with war marches, available in the Battle Pass. Get three exclusive songs, including the fast-paced Sepulcher, to enhance your Warzone experience. Equip a gear on a specific vehicle in the vehicle customization menu (as with the battle clasps), and as soon as you get on, the music will play. Your entire platoon will be able to listen to the theme as you drive, so that the song will guide you towards your main goal: to survive. All three gears are unlocked immediately upon purchase of the Battle Pass.

  • We went to the main menu of Warzone.
  • In the vehicle customization menu, you will see an option to add them.
  • We select the song we want.
  • The next time we get into a vehicle in the game, it will start ringing the theme automatically.

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