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What are the Super mario 3d All-stars sunshine controls?



What are the Super mario 3d All-stars sunshine controls?

You might have fond memories of Super Mario Sunshine, but those memories will be attached to a classic controller, and the Nintendo Switch will be offering you something very different. Your muscle memory might be betraying you a little bit, so in this article, we will help you get to the grips with playing Super Mario Sunshine on Joy-Con controllers.

Moving on to Super Mario Sunshine, the most notable change is how FLUDD operates. The GameCube controller had analog triggers that essentially meant you could push them lightly or down fully for a different effect. In Sunshine, you hit the R button lightly to shoot water while running, and you pressed it down fully to stand still so you could aim and spray. What Nintendo did for the Switch version was to take advantage of the R and ZR buttons. As you can see on the controls screen, pressing ZR gives you a “Running Squirt,” and pressing R allows you to “Stop and Squirt.”

Super Mario 3d All-stars sunshine controls

Here is a little list to make them all easier to read:

  • Jump, Swim Faster, Talk = A/B
  • Pick Up, Dive = Y
  • Switch Nozzles = X
  • Crouch = ZL/ZR
  • Move Mario = left joystick
  • Move camera = right joystick
  • Mario camera = press down on right joystick
  • Running Squirt = ZR
  • Stop and Squirt = R
  • Open guidebook = L
  • Center camera = ZL
  • Ground Pound = while in the air press ZL
  • Side Step = move along a wall
  • Triple Jump = while running press B three times in a row
  • Spin Jump = spin left joystick once and press B
  • Side Somersault = while running make a U-turn and press B
  • Wall Kick = jump toward a wall and press B
  • Carry/Throw = while holding an object press Y
  • Body Slam = while jumping press Y
  • Slide = while running press Y
  • Slip-Slide = spray in front of you with ZR then perform a Slide
  • Front Somersault = while sliding press B
  • Sprinkler Squirt = spin the left joystick once and press ZR
  • Back Somersault = while spraying with R, press B

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