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Why is Sackboy: A Big Adventure a unique platformer for PS5?



Why is Sackboy: A Big Adventure a unique platformer for PS5?

Sackboy: A big adventure is going to revolutionize 3D platforms when it arrives on PS5. You don’t know how it will do it yet? Don’t worry, in this report we tell you all about its virtues, and at the same time, we help you decide which edition of the game is best suited to your wishes.

The return of Sackboy is one of the big events of this month, and it is so for many reasons. One is that we’re delighted that this intrepid character, one of the most beloved of PlayStation fans, is back in the spotlight after delighting us with his ever-so-exciting stitching moves in LittleBigPlanet 3.

Just the fact that a true video game icon like Sackboy, who has been falling in love for over 12 years thanks to his countless facets and tireless reinvention skills, is back in style is reason enough to be excited.

But the thing is that it doesn’t stop there, and as we didn’t expect less from him, once again Sack is not going to settle for making us enjoy his jumps, his hilarious sense of humor, or his priceless costumes.

The hero, who has no fear of anything, now takes a step further and launches into an adventure that not only promises to provide plenty of fun but also seeks to revolutionize the 3D platform genre thanks to its totally unique approach.

A unique 3D platformer

Of course, one of the keys to this revolution will be the incredible technical possibilities of the PS5 and its amazing DualSense controller, which together with other unique technologies, such as 3D spatial audio or the SSD hard disk, will make the sensations of this promising title even more impressive.

All these new features will combine to make Sackboy: A big adventure is one of the most exciting titles in the PS5 launch line-up – a surefire way to see what the new console can do.

Feel each surface in your hands in a realistic way thanks to the haptic vibration of the DualSense controller, feel the resistance in the adaptive triggers when performing any action, perceive the sound of everything around us in a surprising way, be amazed by the original and colorful graphic section that dazzles you from the first game and leaves you dumbfounded by the immediacy of its loads?

Sackboy: A big adventure will be a real pleasure for the senses, but the best thing of all is that all these innovations will not manage to overshadow its playable proposal, which will already make us enjoy an amazing platform. So even on PS4, Sack and his friends will have plenty of arguments, such as the brilliant level design and the hilarious co-operative mode, to leave us stuck with the controller.

This cooperative mode with up to 4 players at the same time is one of the most powerful features. On both PS4 and PS5, Sackboy: A big adventure will allow you to enjoy your adventure in the company of your friends and family, and believe us when we tell you that if playing alone is going to be great, doing it with others will be a unique experience that will brutally enhance the already fun gameplay.

As a perfect complement to all of the above, Sackboy: A big adventure will be a great 3D platform game, with a huge and varied world full of jumps, puzzles, totally surprising situations, and, of course, laughter, lots of laughter thanks to Sackboy’s priceless sense of humor.

All this will make the Sumo Digital adventure a must-have title. And as is always the case with these chosen few, one of our main dilemmas is which version of Sackboy: A big adventure to choose? Yes, we know that it’s a pain in the ass to have only one, but don’t worry, we’re going to explain them all so that the decision is a little easier.

Sackboy: A big adventure – Digital Deluxe Edition (PS4 and PS5)

Without a doubt, one of the best options to get the awaited title is to choose the Sackboy Digital Deluxe Edition. This is what it includes:

  • A digital artbook with unique illustrations of the locations and inhabitants of the game world.
  • The soundtrack in digital format, which gives us access to the musical pieces of the adventure.
  • 4 costumes inspired by star PlayStation characters for Sackboy:
    • Jin, from Ghost of Tsushima.
    • Sam Porter Bridges, from Death Stranding.
    • Connor, from Detroit Become Human.
    • Deacon St. John from Days Gone.
  • 4 Emotes of Sackboy inspired by the previous characters.
  • 20 avatars of Sackboy with some of the suits of the game.

As you can see, this edition incorporates some really interesting additions in digital formats, such as the digital artbook, the soundtrack, or the great outfits of some of the PlayStation heroes for Sackboy.

Oh, and keep one thing in mind: if you get your hands on Sackboy’s Digital Deluxe Edition: A Big Game Adventure on PS4, you can download the PS5 version for free when you get your next-generation Sony console – a real treat!

Sackboy: A big adventure – Special Edition (PS4)

The Special Edition of Sackboy: A big adventure includes all the extra content of the Digital Deluxe Edition, plus adds the physical format game for PS4, the art book on paper, and, eye-catching Sackboy cuddly toy disguised as a tiger.

Of course, this edition exudes love for all its seams thanks to this endearing cuddly toy, which together with the artbook in physical format makes it a real collector’s item and a real gift for fans of the ragged hero.

In addition, and although the version in the physical format of this edition is for PS4, the Special Edition also allows us to introduce the disc in our PS5 and download the new generation version without any additional cost.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure – Digital and Physical Standard Edition (PS4 and PS5)

With a little less “spice” than previous editions, but with all the quality of the adventure intact, we can also get hold of the Standard Edition of Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

This edition is available in both physical and digital formats and both for PS4 or PS5. And as a benefit of the digital editions, all your bookings will be accompanied by Sackboy’s digital comic book: A Big Adventure.

As with previous editions, and so that no PlayStation player is left behind, the Sackboy: A Big Adventure Standard Edition for PS4 can also be upgraded to the PS5 edition free of charge, but please note that if you get the physical edition for PS4 you’ll need a PS5 with a disc drive to perform the upgrade.

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5 Games like Arena of Valor



5 Games like Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is a perfect game for those who love playing arena games. The multiplayer mode in the game is action-packed and you simply cannot get yourself out from the gaming mood once you start playing it. You can easily download the game from if you ever wished to play it on your PC or laptop. That said, here are some of the most fascinating games like Arena of Valor you must give it a try!

League of Legends

This is the game that made history as one of the first MOBA games to be launched, and its 10+ million active monthly players have proven to be a cultural phenomenon. It’s also a great game for beginners looking to enter into the world of multiplayer online battles.

The game is called LoL and it was developed by Riot Games™. It has been completed for over three years now and has a very active community and players from all around the world. It’s free to play, but obviously, there are many options available to players with items and elixirs in-game that can be bought with payment.

You can get up to 12 different champions with different abilities that will make you a unique player. Some casters assist your team, tankers, mages, and assassins which are more offensive types to name a few. The aim of the game is simply to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus or “base”. To take down towers and gates which protect it from attacks and at the same time gather as much gold to buy items for yourself to defeat enemies faster.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang universe, two teams of three players chase each other around a map and fight against their opponents. One team is labeled as heroes while the other team is labeled as ninjas. Players can choose from 18 different heroes and 4 different ninjas at the start of each game.
The ninjas want to destroy the energy core to win, while the heroes simply have to stop them from reaching it. There are 4 types of power-ups available in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which can boost your character’s attributes and skills temporarily.

Honor of kings

The Honor of Kings is a mobile game that is now the highest-grossing app in both China and South Korea. It is also available on the App Store and Google Play. With a $2 billion clash royale style strategy game, Honor of Kings is now the most popular mobile game in the world, but it’s more than just an app. There are two versions of this game, one for China and one for South Korea which have different gameplay mechanics.

The story starts with a family living in peace until they decide to move into town, causing chaos and violence culminating with someone being poisoned by gas from their car. You, as a player, must save the town and its people from being caught in the crossfire between the two opposing forces.


The world’s most popular game is finally here. Player Unknown Battlegrounds has been released- and marketed as a game for everyone. The creators have taken years to produce this game and it has finally come to fruition. From the beginning of the game, as with most games, you are given free roam. You can walk around and do as you please. One thing to note is that whenever you are in a vehicle, you move faster. This is a great way to travel faster without getting killed- but be wary of your surroundings; other players will be looking for their next victim!

While in free roam, you do not have to be concerned with equipment. You can start immediately with a gun, a helmet, and a wrap; however, this will not help you for much as the game progresses. To progress in the game, you must explore the map and search for materials and supplies which will allow you to craft gear.

Among Us

Among Us is an intense, interactive experience that invites you into a future where humans are living in bunkers and the only humans left are celebrities. There is no detail left unlived. You will take shelter with one other person and then be dropped inside a bunker together with 3 other strangers just waiting on top for you to crack the case.

You will have daily challenges that require physical and mental strength along with tactics and strategy to navigate your way through the bunker as you solve who killed who among the celebrities below. The lights have been shut off, no one knows what is happening outside, there may be cameras but they don’t know which ones, there are always people roaming around along with some terrifying creatures.

That pretty much sums up the list of 5 of the finest games like Arena of Valor. Get into the action-packed gaming modes now!

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Psychonauts 2 Review – A Game That Revels in Everything That It Is



Psychonauts 2 Review - A Game That Revels in Everything That It Is

Double Fine Productions released the first Psychonauts game in 2005. Although it was deemed a commercial failure after failing to sell 100,000 retail units at the time of its release, it has since gained a cult following. A decade after it was launched and a few years following Double Fine’s acquisition of the rights to the game, the developers announced a sequel was in the works at The Game Awards 2015.

Six years later, Psychonauts 2 is finally here, and in a rare case of a game living up to the hype, the sequel blew past all expectations – and then some.

If you’re looking for the game, it’s currently available on several platforms like the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. If you’re in need of some Xbox Live Gift Cards, OffGamers has got you covered right here.

What Makes Psychonauts 2 Such A Good Game?

Even if Psychonauts 2 came 16 years after the 2005 cult classic, only a couple of days have passed for Raz and his friends. The sequel picks up exactly where the first title left off – technically, a 2017 VR follow-up was released, but the story of that game is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

What makes Psychonauts 2 such a perfect sequel is that it feels just like a more polished version of its predecessor. The quirky and dorky characters are still all there, complete with their psychedelic mental worlds. It even manages to bring back some of the clunky platforming of the original, albeit with a certain amount of improvements that should make fans of the original feel quite at home.

Speaking of the original, Psychonauts 2 treats older fans to touching reunions, cheeky easter eggs, and a ton of backstory. However, the game remembers that not everyone managed to play the first game or the 2017 VR title. It does an excellent job at letting first-time players enjoy the well-written, funny, and bright story as if it was a standalone title.

Do The Gameplay and Combat Feel Outdated?

One of the biggest concerns about Psychonauts 2 was how the mid-2000s platforming mechanics would translate with modern gamers. After all, there hasn’t exactly been a lot of good platformers lately. However, unlike Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, both of which completely changed how its predecessors worked (for the better), Psychonauts 2 didn’t.

Instead, what the developers did for Psychonauts 2 was to put a lot more thought and care into designing how the game played. The result is a game that’s overflowing with personality as it expands on the predecessor’s platforming and combat. Although moving, jumping, and attacking occasionally feels clunky, especially when classic 3D platformer bugs and issues pop up, these little irritations give the game a unique charm that’s oddly missing in the aforementioned action platformers.

It’s not worse because of its problems. It’s not better either. It is, well, exactly what it is, and it is this “something” that will make you love the game more.

Is Psychonauts 2 Worth Buying?

Not a lot of games get a second lease in life after failing to sell. Psychonauts is already a unicorn in that sense. However, for Psychonauts 2 to be more than what anyone could have ever imagined a Psychonauts sequel could be is just proof that some games deserve a second chance.

If you grew up playing the original Psychonauts game, the sequel will take you back to simpler times. Meanwhile, if this is your first Psychonauts game, you’ll be wishing Double Fine decides to remake the original next.

Regardless of whether you’re a first-time player or a returning fan, one thing that we’re sure of is that Psychonauts 2 will leave you wanting the third installment to the game.

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The Most Important Mid Laners in League of Legends



The Most Important Mid Laners in League of Legends

Do you play League of Legends competitively? If so, you likely know that the role of a mid laner is associated with shot-calling, roaming, map control, and playmaking. As a mid laner, you are essentially the quarterback of your team. Your main goal is to scale up and help your teammates ahead by engaging in perfectly executed wave management and maintaining lane priority.

In most cases, the mid laner players are the most well-known and popular names on this team, just because of how important the role is on the game map. You can access things like the LoL champion tier list to see who the most important and influential mid laners are in the game. You can also read the information here.


Sylas, or “the Unshackled,” is designed to steal your ultimate ability. He fights with chains positioned on his hands and, this is what he’s into. He also dances slightly like a stripper. For abilities, his are pretty simple and straightforward. After using any of the abilities he has, the next auto attacks that are mad are empowered. That is this character’s passive.

With the Q, he slams the chains on the ground, which causes damage and slows the opponent down. His W is a smaller dash that will deal damage and heal him from zero to 100% based on his lack of health. The E is a bigger dash than the W, and the first time you cast the ability, Sylas dashes in that direction. 

On the second casting, Sylas will shoot the chains at his opponent, and if they make contact, Sylas will be launched toward the enemy, knocking and stunning them for approximately 0.5 seconds. The ultimate ability of Sylas is to steal the other person’s ultimate ability and then use it.


Akali, or “the Rogue Assassin,” is the ungankable champion. For those who play the jungler role, don’t try to gank her. She’s guaranteed to escape every time. Also, this girl has countless dashes, which makes it impossible to catch her.

If Akali happens to damage her opponent with her abilities, a ring will show up around them. Akali then gains additional movement speed, and after the opponent steps out of the ring, she will begin spinning her blade, and the next auto attack will deal additional damage. However, that is just the passive ability she has.

She can also throw the kunai in front of her with Q. With the W; she will throw a smoke bomb on the ground, which slowly starts expanding. The smoke will restore her to 80 energy and provides additional movement speed. While the shroud from the smoke is active, this is when her energy is going to grow.

The E will cause her to throw out a shuriken while moving backward. If someone is hit with the shuriken, it is possible to recast the E and then dash to the enemy. The ultimate special ability of Akali is dealing magic damage.



Lux is the Lady of Luminosity. This champion bullies others into a themed-lane so much that some just wind up quitting the game. If you choose to play Lux, you must use your hands and your brain.

The passive ability of Lux is that if she damages anyone using E or Q, they will be marked. Lux can also auto attack and consume the mark to deal even more damage. The Q for this character is a skill shot that roots two of the first enemies that are hit.

Lux can fire a large laser that deals a lot of damage. Once she has enough of the ability power, then it is possible to use the ultimate weapon. While Riot Games admits this is the best character that has been created, it also costs 25 euros to purchase. 

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