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Why is Sackboy: A Big Adventure a unique platformer for PS5?



Why is Sackboy: A Big Adventure a unique platformer for PS5?

Sackboy: A big adventure is going to revolutionize 3D platforms when it arrives on PS5. You don’t know how it will do it yet? Don’t worry, in this report we tell you all about its virtues, and at the same time, we help you decide which edition of the game is best suited to your wishes.

The return of Sackboy is one of the big events of this month, and it is so for many reasons. One is that we’re delighted that this intrepid character, one of the most beloved of PlayStation fans, is back in the spotlight after delighting us with his ever-so-exciting stitching moves in LittleBigPlanet 3.

Just the fact that a true video game icon like Sackboy, who has been falling in love for over 12 years thanks to his countless facets and tireless reinvention skills, is back in style is reason enough to be excited.

But the thing is that it doesn’t stop there, and as we didn’t expect less from him, once again Sack is not going to settle for making us enjoy his jumps, his hilarious sense of humor, or his priceless costumes.

The hero, who has no fear of anything, now takes a step further and launches into an adventure that not only promises to provide plenty of fun but also seeks to revolutionize the 3D platform genre thanks to its totally unique approach.

A unique 3D platformer

Of course, one of the keys to this revolution will be the incredible technical possibilities of the PS5 and its amazing DualSense controller, which together with other unique technologies, such as 3D spatial audio or the SSD hard disk, will make the sensations of this promising title even more impressive.

All these new features will combine to make Sackboy: A big adventure is one of the most exciting titles in the PS5 launch line-up – a surefire way to see what the new console can do.

Feel each surface in your hands in a realistic way thanks to the haptic vibration of the DualSense controller, feel the resistance in the adaptive triggers when performing any action, perceive the sound of everything around us in a surprising way, be amazed by the original and colorful graphic section that dazzles you from the first game and leaves you dumbfounded by the immediacy of its loads?

Sackboy: A big adventure will be a real pleasure for the senses, but the best thing of all is that all these innovations will not manage to overshadow its playable proposal, which will already make us enjoy an amazing platform. So even on PS4, Sack and his friends will have plenty of arguments, such as the brilliant level design and the hilarious co-operative mode, to leave us stuck with the controller.

This cooperative mode with up to 4 players at the same time is one of the most powerful features. On both PS4 and PS5, Sackboy: A big adventure will allow you to enjoy your adventure in the company of your friends and family, and believe us when we tell you that if playing alone is going to be great, doing it with others will be a unique experience that will brutally enhance the already fun gameplay.

As a perfect complement to all of the above, Sackboy: A big adventure will be a great 3D platform game, with a huge and varied world full of jumps, puzzles, totally surprising situations, and, of course, laughter, lots of laughter thanks to Sackboy’s priceless sense of humor.

All this will make the Sumo Digital adventure a must-have title. And as is always the case with these chosen few, one of our main dilemmas is which version of Sackboy: A big adventure to choose? Yes, we know that it’s a pain in the ass to have only one, but don’t worry, we’re going to explain them all so that the decision is a little easier.

Sackboy: A big adventure – Digital Deluxe Edition (PS4 and PS5)

Without a doubt, one of the best options to get the awaited title is to choose the Sackboy Digital Deluxe Edition. This is what it includes:

  • A digital artbook with unique illustrations of the locations and inhabitants of the game world.
  • The soundtrack in digital format, which gives us access to the musical pieces of the adventure.
  • 4 costumes inspired by star PlayStation characters for Sackboy:
    • Jin, from Ghost of Tsushima.
    • Sam Porter Bridges, from Death Stranding.
    • Connor, from Detroit Become Human.
    • Deacon St. John from Days Gone.
  • 4 Emotes of Sackboy inspired by the previous characters.
  • 20 avatars of Sackboy with some of the suits of the game.

As you can see, this edition incorporates some really interesting additions in digital formats, such as the digital artbook, the soundtrack, or the great outfits of some of the PlayStation heroes for Sackboy.

Oh, and keep one thing in mind: if you get your hands on Sackboy’s Digital Deluxe Edition: A Big Game Adventure on PS4, you can download the PS5 version for free when you get your next-generation Sony console – a real treat!

Sackboy: A big adventure – Special Edition (PS4)

The Special Edition of Sackboy: A big adventure includes all the extra content of the Digital Deluxe Edition, plus adds the physical format game for PS4, the art book on paper, and, eye-catching Sackboy cuddly toy disguised as a tiger.

Of course, this edition exudes love for all its seams thanks to this endearing cuddly toy, which together with the artbook in physical format makes it a real collector’s item and a real gift for fans of the ragged hero.

In addition, and although the version in the physical format of this edition is for PS4, the Special Edition also allows us to introduce the disc in our PS5 and download the new generation version without any additional cost.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure – Digital and Physical Standard Edition (PS4 and PS5)

With a little less “spice” than previous editions, but with all the quality of the adventure intact, we can also get hold of the Standard Edition of Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

This edition is available in both physical and digital formats and both for PS4 or PS5. And as a benefit of the digital editions, all your bookings will be accompanied by Sackboy’s digital comic book: A Big Adventure.

As with previous editions, and so that no PlayStation player is left behind, the Sackboy: A Big Adventure Standard Edition for PS4 can also be upgraded to the PS5 edition free of charge, but please note that if you get the physical edition for PS4 you’ll need a PS5 with a disc drive to perform the upgrade.

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